What is FLOW…and what kind of name is FLOW?

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What is FLOW...and what kind of name is FLOW?

We’ve got Flow.

Have you heard?

About Flow?

Are you wondering what it is?

Are you wondering if it has anything to do with rap schemes?

Or maybe… something else?

These are legitimate questions.

What is Flow?

Flow is simply the Renew version of yoga. It’s specifically designed to increase both flexibility and strength, leaving you with a deeper awareness of mind and body connection.

The reason we aren’t just calling it yoga is because we don’t adopt any of the Eastern influences typically involved in the practice of yoga. Flow is about breathing, relaxing, mobility, and connecting those elements to optimize your performance.

Our newest team member, Cathy Sze, will be leading these classes on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Cathy was strictly a “high intensity” workout girl but quickly saw the benefits of the practice after she started.

“I had the misconception that yoga was purely stretching, but after dealing with stress in all its forms – emotionally and mentally from school, and physically from years tight runner’s hamstrings, I looked to yoga for healing and was instantly hooked,” she said.

“I was surprised to find that yoga was not only a good way to release tension and anxiety, but it was also a good challenge and a great compliment to running! Yoga has now not only cured my tight hamstrings, it has helped to ease my mind.”

We’re starting Flow to help you experience even greater physical benefits, maximize your CrossFit performance, and provide some much needed emotional and mental relief in the midst of your high-intensity life

Why is it called Flow?

Because it ain’t your mamaste’s yoga class.

But, the style of movement we will be practicing is a variation of vinyasa. Vinyasa is described as a steady dynamic flow of moves and postures linked with breathwork in a continuous movement. (See what we did there?)

So if you’ve ever done a vinyasa-style yoga class you’ll know just what to expect from Flow.

Now that you know the what and the why, you should absolutely join us on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. A Flow membership is just $49 per month but only $29 for current CrossFit Renew Members!

Not a member? Sign up for Flow and come be a part of our family.

See you on the mat!


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