Open WOD 16.1 – Details, WOD tips, and more

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Isn't it a bit ironic that something announced during the "Open" can make you want to run and hide? Perhaps you saw the announcement or perhaps you didn't but 16.1 is a long AMRep with lots of pushing, pulling, and lunging.  AMRAP 20:00 25 ft. OH Walking Lunge 8 Bar Facing Burpees 25 ft. OH Walking Lunge 8 Chest 2 Bar Pullups That's a doozy of a WOD... If you missed announcement and the one-on-one between Emily Abbott and Chyna Cho then I strongly encourage you to go back and watch. Both finished in the Top 10 in the CrossFit Games last season and you could see why on Thursday night.  They looked physically and mentally strong, controlled, and confident throughout that grinder of a WOD. And so will you guys.  If this is your first Open then you are probably nervous. If you've done the Open before then...you're probably nervous. That's okay. But there is nothing to be scared of. You can absolutely do this WOD (or the scaled version) so let's walk through the movement standards and workout details, tips for approaching the WOD, and then finish with some needed details and encouragement. 

Movement Standards

I could explain it to you or you could watch Julie Foucher demonstrate straight from the Games website. 
We will review these standards before your heat on Friday night so don't feel like you have to memorize them now. 

How to approach 16.1

I will again defer to the experts at CrossFit but let me say this. The OH Walking Lunges (or Front Rack Walking lunges if you are scaling) will be the worst part BUT you want to get through them unbroken. With that said, don't be in too big of a rush to pick the barbell up and go. If you drop the barbell you have to move backwards and you DON'T want to do that. Here are a few more tips from CrossFit's Director of Certification and Training Nicole Carroll.

Details and Encouragement

There are two other tips I want you to remember when you approach 16.1... First, neither your Open scores and place nor your fitness define you AT ALL. We freaking love you guys no matter how you do. We want you to work hard, compete, and take pride in your fitness but we don't ever want to put some kind of eternal stock in CrossFit. Remember that before, during, and after the WOD.  Second, have some fun with this and POUR IT ALL OUT. You may not be able to do that much weight overhead or a chest to bar pullup. But you absolutely can work as hard as possible. Why not test yourself that way by pushing yourself harder than you have before? Now is as good a time as any to discover that toughness you might not know you had. As far as details go, make sure that you register for your heat in EXACTLY the same way you would register for a class. In addition, that is when your heat starts and is not when you need to get there to warm up. The gym will be open at 4:30 and you can come in and warmup anytime before your heat.  Remember, your heat time is when the WOD starts...NOT YOUR WARMUP! Please arrive early to warmup because when your heat time starts we will review the standards, make sure equipment is in place, then start the WOD. The WOD will start no later than 10 minutes into your heat time. For example, if your heat is 5:30 then the clock will start at 5:40.  I'm excited to do this with you guys and excited to see you guys leave it all on the floor. See you tomorrow night! Chris P.S. Our coaches and members will be your judges each Friday night. They are volunteering their time because they love you and want to be there with you and for you. And because that's the case, if you yell or argue with them over ANYTHING at all then you will be done with the Open. No questions. No arguments. Just done. 

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