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What on earth is BAF? It's not just another weird CrossFit acronym. It stands for Bring A Friend week!!!! We had BAF week back in October and it was a huge hit. So we wanted to give all of you another opportunity to invite your friends. Now that the Open is coming to and end we figured this would be a great time for you to tell others about Renew, and give them a chance to try it, so that they can partake in the sport we all love. It will also give you a chance to show them why you won't shut-up about “WODs”, or “PRs” or your “Fran time”. Those of you who are friends of members, we know you are dying to know what this verbiage means. And start saying it yourself. What does “Bring A Friend” week look like and what does it mean for our members and their friends? We've got all the info and answers you need below...
At every class you will be greeted by Zac Rosenbaum. We're into hospitality here...
At every class you will be greeted by Zac Rosenbaum. What can I say...we're into hospitality here.

Who is considered a "friend"?

This can be ANYONE. A co-worker, neighbor, friend of a friend, etc. We want to be as inclusive as possible... ...unless it's someone who terminated their membership in the last 3 months. Honestly, they are unlikely to stick around and we are trying to add some new, long-term members to the family this week.

How many friends can each Renew member bring?

You (the member) can bring as many friends as you want to a class. However, there are 2 requirements: You (the Renew member) must be in the same class as your friends. So you cannot invite a friend to the 5:30am class and decide to hit “snooze” on Tuesday morning. Your friends must create an account on Mindbody and signup online. They can select the BAF contract option, so that they will not be charged for their classes. Please make sure you and all your friends are signed up. These classes WILL fill up and if you or your friends have not reserved a spot we will not be able to accommodate you. I suggest signing up in advance.

How many times can a friend come per week?

Friends can come up to five times next week

Hold up lemme interrupt all this CrossFit talk. Does this include Flow as well?

YOU'RE DOGGONE RIGHT IT DOES!!! Bring a Friend to Flow on Wednesday night or Saturday absolutely free.

Cool...are there any pre-requisites before coming to BAF week?

As long as you signup, and show up ready to sweat, you have met all the requirements for BAF week.

What if you (the friend) have not worked out in a very long time? Or you’ve never done CrossFit?

Perfect! We are so excited you are trying something new! The workouts next week will have a BAF workout in addition to the prescribed class WOD. It will be designed for people at any fitness level. Everyone will have the option to do the “RX” version or the BAF version of the WOD. Coaches will help you determine which version would be best for you. This is supposed to be fun, we are not trying to scare you.
Encourage your friends that CrossFit Renew puts a high premium on functional movements. And cowboy boots.
Encourage your friends that CrossFit Renew puts a high premium on functional movements. And cowboy boots.

What if I am a paying member and the classes fill up and I cannot workout next week?

Here are a few suggestions: First, go online RIGHT NOW and reserve your spot for next week. You are permitted to sign-up for classes 7 days in advance. If your schedule changes, you are able to cancel without penalty up to one hour before the class starts. Second, consider signing up for a morning class or take advantage of our one-week only 4:30 class!

There is a 4:30 class now?

Just this week and just on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You can take advantage of this class whether you are bringing a friend or not!

Will there be prizes at the end of BAF week like last time?

Yup. The member who brings the most friends next week will receive a $75 gift-card to Reebok. P.S. - In case you were going to try and "slip one past the goalie", remember a Friend is someone who has not terminated their membership at CrossFit Renew in the last 3 months. P.P.S. - If the same individual comes 5x next week, you do not get 5 points. You receive 1 point per individual. P.P.P.S. - For each friend that signs-up for April Foundations, a $50 Reebok gift card will be given to the Renew Member PER friend. So encourage your friends to signup!
All WODs during BAF Week will feature at least 5 minutes of improving bowstaff skils.
All WODs during BAF Week will feature at least 5 minutes of improving bowstaff skils.

I'm a "friend", what are the next steps when I inevitably fall in love with CrossFit Renew?

After trying CrossFit Renew for a week, we will surely crush any of the myths you have heard about CrossFit. We also think you will love it enough to come back! After you fall in love, you'll need to signup for Foundations Training, which will be held every Thursday and Saturday, starting on April 7. Watch your email for details. As coach Jess would say, we are STOKED to hold another BAF week. This has been a lot of fun in the past and we are excited for another fun week! Renew members, please be welcoming, kind and helpful to the new faces that come into the box next week. We know it can be chaotic, but your patience and help has made this so much easier in the past! I trust all of you will make this a fun experience! Now start inviting your friends! Whitney

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