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16.5 is 14.5. This is good news.

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We knew that thrusters were coming. We just hoped that burpees weren't coming back.  We were wrong.  But let me tell you I'm glad that 16.5 is a repeat of 14.5 Because the reason we all do CrossFit is to get fit. It's not primarily to compete though that does add an element of fun to things. Rich Froning got his start doing CrossFit in an effort to be more fit. So did pretty much every big name CrossFitter you can think of.  One of the many ways we measure our fitness in CrossFit is by repeating benchmark WODs. Let's say we do Fran and your time is 5:30. We find evidence of improved fitness when you do it again six months later and your time is 4:58. In much the same way, by repeating this wicked little couplet two years after originally doing it, you will be able to see that you are more fit.  And TRUST ME, if you have been doing CrossFit consistently for two years then your time will be better and you will have evidence of improved fitness. Which is why you're doing this to start with.

Strategy and Tips

Now...just because your time will be better it doesn't necessarily mean the experience will be better. This WOD is going to hurt in kind of a special way.  I want you to watch this video from Nicole Carroll because she gives great tips. When you watch it consider these things in particular:

Don't even consider unbroken thrusters. 

Pay special attention to what she says about eliminating wasted movement on the burpees.

Pay EXTRA SPECIAL ATTENTION to her note about the standard when you're jumping over the bar.

This is the rare Open WOD that is for time and isn't an AMRep or an AMRAP so I want you all to just remember to keep moving. No matter how slow you feel like you are moving it's important to keep moving. Slow movement is better than no movement.  On the thrusters, have a plan and think through how you will break up the sets of 21, 18, 15, and maybe even 12. Then, once you get to the sets of 9,6, and 3 you can step on the gas pedal and get out of the pain cave as soon as possible.  On the burpees just don't stop and don't get in such a rush that you get a no-rep for not taking off and landing on two feet.  You guys are fit. You got this. And afterwards we got you...

Post WOD Party

Austin and Paige Jones have graciously offered us their home for our 16.5 Post Party. Turns out Austin is quite the cook and has an industrial size pizza oven at his house. So, after 16.5 we are going to recover with pizza and drinks at their house IMMEDIATELY AFTER the final heat of 16.5. PLEASE RSVP HERE. SPOUSES AND KIDS MORE THAN WELCOME! IMPORTANT NOTE: We will have some cocktails available at the party but this is BYOB so make sure you bring your favorite beer for yourself and others. This has, without question, been our best Open ever. Let’s finish the WODs strong and finish the Open even stronger by celebrating with the Jones’s on Friday night! Chris  

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