Is CrossFit for me?

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How did you answer that questions when you read it? Did the litany of excuses start? Trust us...we've heard them all. 

I need to get in shape before I do CrossFit

I hear this a lot, "I think I need to go to a gym for a month before starting CrossFit". However, that's how CrossFit and CrossFit Renew are different. We want to help you get fit, and healthy. We are not expecting you to walk in the door and already know how to move well. Regardless of your background, CrossFit exist to meet you EXACTLY where you are, and help you move towards fitness. I LOVE coaching individuals who come into the box with little to no fitness background. It's where you see a lot of progress. It's those individuals who are inspired at the end of each workout because they are constantly surprising themselves. Those who have a fitness background will have different expectations when you walk into the box. We want you to get moving, we truly believe that by moving your bodies, your LIFE is going to improve. That seems like a ambiguous statement, but here is why we stand firm in this belief. By moving your bodies two, three, even five times a week, you are going to improve your physical health. We were not made to be sedentary and our sedentary lifestyles have resulted in a lot of chronic illnesses. And when you physically FEEL better, your emotional state tends to improve. You will have energy to do more with your friends, family, kids, significant other, etc. so your relational health will improve. There is plenty of scientific evidence that shows that exercise is good for brain health, so increased mental health results from physical exercise. Oh and BONUS...you will also acquire a new community of people who will love you, support you and CrossFit with you. You are still sore from Mondays WOD? Thats great! You pushed yourself. When we push our bodies to a new thresh-hold the result is muscle soreness. Muscle soreness is a result of "shocking" your muscles, which results from a tough workout that steers away from the norm. If you remember from "The Foundations of CrossFit", variance is what makes CrossFit unique from other workout regimens, it is what produces results. I could write an entire post on muscle soreness, but I will give you the "Cliffs notes" version. When you use your muscles, the small microfibers in them tear. The consequence of these micro-tears: delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This may sound like a bad thing, but the body responds to the tearing  by rebuilding the fibers, which gives us leaner, stronger muscles. The next time we use these muscles, they will be stronger, and able to endure the same work as before but you will not feel as sore. However, you will most likely push yourself a little harder with this new found strength, and so the result, more soreness. Allow muscle soreness to be a reminder that you are bringing the intensity, and it WILL produce results. For the multiple other excuses that people come up with... How long will you allow these excuses (which are probably rooted in something deeper) to hold you back from doing something GOOD for yourself? The biggest accomplishment you will ever make in CrossFit will always be coming to CrossFit. You can come up with an excuse everyday, but you can also crush that excuse by coming through our doors. If you feel you are too old to CrossFit, you should take some time to meet Michael Vasko, our 63 year-old athlete, who comes in twice a week more than excited to CrossFit. He finishes every WOD by saying "lets do it again". If you think age is a debilitating factor, think again. As far as time and cost goes, we all make choices on where to invest our time and money. If you do not think health and fitness is a priority, or worth the investment, then you probably won't find CrossFit worthwhile. I would say that if this is your belief, you are wrong. Your health should be a priority, for longevity, quality of life and ultimately, by investing in your health now, you will not have to pay for it (physically and financially) in the future. Investing in your health offers a good ROI. Finally, maybe you are embarrassed, or lack experience. That is a legitimate fear. I remember walking into my first CrossFit class and I was terrified. I was also with my mom who continues to kick my butt in WODs even at the age of 55. Everyone gets nervous when they do CrossFit, it is completely out of our comfort zone. Fortunately CrossFit Renew offers you two resources to combat this excuse:

Our community is AMAZING. Our people will welcome you, encourage you, and it won't be long before you consider them your friends. I have complete faith that you will feel included by this Renew community, regardless of what class you go to. The door leading into our box says "A CrossFit for anyone and everyone". We make it a priority to meet everyone exactly where they are at, ensuring they feel comfortable.

We require all new CrossFitters, to signup for our Foundations class. This class meets 2x a week (Thursdays and Saturdays) for 4 weeks. During these 8 sessions you will learn all the foundational movements that you will encounter in a WOD. We take an in depth approach to teaching the movements, so that you will feel confident when you walk into your first intermediate class.

The bottom line is: your excuse is not unique. (Sorry I know we pride ourselves on being unique.) I coach people who have overcome physical disabilities, mothers of five, those who battle depression, broke college students, those who are financially struggling, etc. You can come up with a multitude of excuses and I can come up with a multitude of rebuttals. Let me leave you with this final thought. Why not try it? Try something new? If you don't like it, you can quit. We won't force you to stay and we won't shame you for leaving. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and a lot to GAIN. Foundations starts April 7, I look forward to seeing all of you there. Whitney    

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