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Our First Family WOD! We recently hosted our first ever Family WOD at CrossFit Renew. When planning events like this, you never know what to expect. You hope for a great turnout; you plan for a large turnout. Even with the most structured program, when you throw a bunch of kiddos together, what was once organized, quickly becomes chaotic. Although, it was slightly chaotic, the kids showed up and had fun. I really enjoyed seeing many of the kids I have coached during CrossFit Kids classes over the past few months, having fun together. The kids had the opportunity to use the skills we’ve been working on in CFK, and their parents had the chance to participate, performing many of the same movements alongside their kids. Nothing says family fitness like a family community WOD. So what did we do with this fit group? Air squats, box jumps, burpees, and running; a classic CrossFit chipper. Teams of 3-4 split up 50 reps of each with a 200 run at the end. I doubled the reps for our older, more competitive kids, and they responded with such enthusiasm. It’s refreshing watching kids workout, everything is a game, and they respond to new challenges with joy and optimism. Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.14.21 AM Highlights from the Family WOD were abundant. Here are a few… Five year old Addie Griswold, one of my regular CrossFit Kids athletes, said “CrossFit is amazing! I like running with my mom and having fun together.” Longtime CrossFit Renew member, Jamie Kampan, brought her four kids to the family WOD and told me she liked being able to participate with her kids: “a lot of times as families, the adults kind of do their thing and then the kids have their extra curricular thing. But with the family WOD it was a blast to actually do it together! My kids had so much fun doing the workouts. And of course we wanted to win the workout!” Of course they wanted to win. They’re Kampans. Nothing says ‘Father-Son bonding time’ like box jumps. Especially for Zach and Judah Rosenbaum. Judah, who can often be seen in his Spiderman or Ninja Turtle costume, was convinced that his Dad is the true superhero, after seeing Zach do box jumps “on the big boxes”. Of course, we ended the morning sitting outside with a fruit popsicles, talking about the WOD, because that’s what CrossFitters do. Everyone went home tired and happy. We can’t wait until the next family WOD: Saturday, June 11th, 10:30am. Stay tuned for details. Jess

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