Nutrition Matters (and say Hello to Haley!)

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Y’all! Did you know that we have a member in our very own gym that’s been voted Austin’s Best Dietitian 2 years in a row? Yep, Haley Hall is the local dietitian for RESULTS Professional Food Coaching, the in-house dietitian at Pure Austin Fitness, and a fellow member at Renew!! Upon discovering this awesome news, we asked Haley to send us a quick bio - in case you haven’t had the joy and pleasure of meeting her yet - so let’s get to know her a little better. We are totally going to use Haley as a resource for awesome content - and we know she’ll serve you well with all her nutritional knowledge. Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.38.24 AM Here’s a little bit about Haley: Haley earned a B.S. in Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin, where she also completed the requirements to become a Registered Dietitian in 2009. She worked for a few years at St. David’s Medical Center where she provided nutrition care for patients with a variety of disease states, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. In 2012, Haley started working at Pure Austin and later with RESULTS, where she counsels individuals working towards a variety of goals, including weight loss, muscle gain, sports nutrition and improved overall health. You don’t have to talk to Haley about food or nutrition very long to find out that she is passionate about her job. She has always loved food and now loves that her job is to talk about food all day, while helping people reach their goals. Although Haley works with clients on a variety of goals, she’s coaching every client towards a healthier relationship with food. She isn’t the food police and she doesn’t think that the perfect diet excludes the occasional burger, pizza or craft beer. You can learn more about Haley and RESULTS here. She offers complimentary 15-minute phone consultations (SCORE!), where you can discuss your goals and see if she would be a good fit for your needs. If you’re interested in working with Haley, email her at [email protected]  

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