WODs, weights, and women – oh my!

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A few months ago we introduced our first-ever ladies night at the gym, and we dubbed it “WODder to Wine” because we’re very clever. There were multiple reasons for doing this, but our core reason was to build a stronger community among the ladies (old and new!) and to get ladies “slanging weight”, as they say. IMG_0064
We are obviously very cool.
We are obviously very cool.
We don’t want women to lift weights because Instagram told them to. We want women to lift weights because weightlifting is not only crazy good for us - but it offers a whole new level of empowerment that will never be achieved from spending hours on the elliptical. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

Weightlifting builds muscle. Building muscle helps with fat loss. As you increase in muscle mass, your basal metabolic rate also increases. Which means you’ll burn a heck of a lot of calories just by marathoning… Netflix. Or sleeping.

Weight Lifting increases your bone density. For some of you, this may not sound like a huge perk, but as you age your bone density decreases, especially when you’re postmenopausal. Estrogen helps keep calcium in the body and prevent bone breakdown, so when your body stops producing it, bones become more susceptible to osteoporosis. Women can combat this by adding stress to the bone (weightlifting), which stimulates bone formation, and, ta-da! Strengthens and increases bone density.

Weightlifting also decreases your risk of life-threatening diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Exercise in general helps squelch those signs and symptoms that lead to diabetes or heart disease - such as high blood pressure, clogged arteries, and high glucose levels.

Weightlifting also minimizes stress! It’s a GREAT stress relief. You can’t tell me throwing a barbell around wouldn’t get your mind off the stresses that plague you during the day. It is an hour to zone out, sweat hard, and feel strong.

See? Lifting weights is the best. And we make a pointed effort to include weightlifting in our CrossFit programming not only for the reasons listed above - but because the variance keeps you adaptable and eliminates boredom from your exercise routine. Every day we have the privilege and joy of pushing the ladies of our gym harder and faster to be better and stronger through a constantly varied, high intensity program. And we wouldn’t want it any other way! Interested in joining us for the next one? See our Insta and Facebook for the next upcoming WODder to Wine! Every third Thursday at 7:30pm. (Except, in September we will have our W2W on the 4th Thursday because calendars are hard.) September 22nd - put it on your calendars and invite your friends!! -Whit

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