Our Hips Don’t Lie

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“Flow has been such a fun and challenging mental and physical complement to Crossfit. It's also so helpful for stretching sore muscles, improving general mobility, and it has helped me to be more grateful for what my body is capable of. It really is a highlight of my week! I recommend it to anyone and everyone.”  Shannon Frawley, CrossFit Renew member   Hip mobility is important no matter how long you’ve been active at CrossFit—air squats, wall balls and box jumps are just a few of the many movements that require a full range of motion in the hips. Not only are open hips needed to increase the lower body’s range of motion needed to hit your max lifts or reps, but without open hips your chances of injuring your lower body while doing many of these repetitions is great.   Let’s Get Up & Moving According to the Washington Post, the average office worker sits for about 10 hours, in front of a computer, making calls, cranking out spreadsheets, eating lunch…sound familiar? When we sit, our hip flexors tighten and shorten, which can cause lower back pain, knee joint discomfort, imbalance of muscle strength, poor posture and even a difference in leg length. We do CrossFit and workout for many reasons, one of which to relieve the stiffness we build up at work all day. However, in order for this to bring proper relief, actual targeted stretching is a must.   Flow   What is Flow? In the mainstream sense of the word, Flow is yoga, but it’s yoga sans any Eastern influences typically involved in the traditional practice. We call it Flow because we speak specifically to the muscles in the body; flowing from one movement to the next to increase flexibility, mobility, and strength. The result? A deeper awareness of the mind and body connection, and the open hips you need to go deep into that squat. All this said, starting Wednesday, Oct. 12, Flow will shift to a donation-based class held on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM at the Renew box. We decided to make the move over to donations because we don’t want financial stresses to prohibit you guys from benefiting from this amazing class. We’re suggesting a donation of $7 - more if you’d like, or less if you need. We just want you in the doors, on the floor, and improving your overall health. So come get your Flow on. Your hips will thank you.

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Crossfit Renew

Crossfit Renew

Like the Olive Garden, when you’re here, you’re family. And we believe every family member has a story to tell -- that’s why we take the time to feature some of our family through member spotlights, testimonials, and guest posts written by some of our very own.

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