CrossFit Lingo

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CrossFit lingo isn’t exactly self explanatory. In fact, I bet if you sent some of our workouts to 5 different people who have never done CrossFit, you would get 5 different interpretations. Exhibit A: EMOM 30 minutes: 3 push-ups, 3 pull-ups, 3 air squats. This means nothing outside of the box. Take 5 minutes to read through this blog for a quick rundown on each of the terms so you know what you’re getting into each time you walk into the gym. WOD: Workout of the day When you walk into the gym, everything you are doing that day will be displayed on the TV. At a minimum, each day will have a warm-up and a WOD. The WOD is the main focus of the day and the warm up prepares us for it. Sometimes we will do strength or skill work before the WOD, to either prepare us for that day’s WOD or make us stronger for future WODs. AMRAP: As many rounds as possible These are usually meant to be pedal to the metal workouts. Each round will have 2 or more movements and your goal is to get through as many rounds as possible in the time domain given. Spike that heart rate and push through! AMRep: As many reps as possible This is the same thing as an AMRAP, but instead of rounds, you’re only counting reps. EMOM: Every minute on the minute An EMOM will have one or more movements to be completed within each minute. The goal here is to work quickly through the movement(s), so you can have as much time as possible left over to rest before the next minute begins. FT: For time The goal is to have the fastest time possible. Minimize rest here and be strategic in how you break things up so you can finish as fast as you can. 1RM: 1 Rep Max This is the heaviest weight you can possibly lift one time. Whether it be back squat, clean, overhead squat, you name it. You are trying to put as much weight on the bar, and complete the movement assigned. RX: A prescribed weight or movement. Each workout is designed to have a specific stimulus, like keeping the heart rate high, lifting heavy, etc. The RX workout gives you a goal to hit, keeps people from choosing an unrealistic (or unsafe) weight or messing up the stimulus of the WOD. Rep: One movement of whatever skill you are doing (5 reps of pull-ups). Set: The number of reps you will be doing (2 sets of 5 reps of pull-ups). Scale: Modifying a movement to fit your ability There is nothing wrong with scaling. CrossFit is unique because workouts can be adapted you to match your level of ability. If an RX weight is too heavy, you can scale down to a lighter, more manageable weight. If you can’t do a handstand pushup, you can go to box handstand pushups instead. There is a scale for every movement to ensure you get a good workout in, while protecting yourself and preventing injury. Those are the main terms you need to know. If you ever forget or have questions, your coach is there to help you out!

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