If you’re not #InTheOpen, then what are you even doing?

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In less than a week, 17.1 will be announced. Which, for those of you who don’t know, this highly complex numerical structure is how the Reebok CrossFit Executives Elite organize The Open every year -- it’s the year plus which workout is being completed. So, “17.1” is the first workout of the 2017 Open. Advanced Calculus is now adjourned. ANYWAY, next Thursday, 2/23 the first workout of the 2017 CrossFit Open will be announced and our collective emotional stability will balance in the calloused hands of two of the world’s best athletes as they compete head-to-head for sponsored glory. Then, it’s Renew’s time to shine. And by shine, I mean sweat a lot and probably drink beer together afterwards. Because FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, Y’ALL!! You are not gonna wanna miss out on this, so let’s just get this outta the way:
  • Register here on CrossFit’s official site to compete in the 2017 Open!!
  • Then, sign up for your heat during Friday Night Lights here.
Last year was so, so fun. I mean that’s what I hear. I wasn’t actually there. But I totally believe it!! Look at some of the cool stuff that happened:
  • - All the Open athletes got really cool shirts and tanks to wear as badges of honor and they continue to        wear them every day to memorialize their accomplishments.
  • - The always smiley, bubbly coach Becky *Wickes* got her very first bar muscle up.
  • - At 63 years old, Michael Vasko did 16.5 prescribed and clapped his happy self the whole way                  through it.
  • - Doug Phillips did 16.2 twice and ended up lying on the ground in front of the gym as his young son              stood over him and feared for his father’s life.
  • - Paige Jones and Jess Rhodes were neck-and-neck most of the weeks and it was a super exciting and          brutal showdown and the entire gym went in on a high-stakes bet.
  • - Sadie completed 16.2 scaled and was the only girl in the gym to do so.
  • - Hroch almost qualified for Regionals because why wouldn’t he?
  • - And apparently Whitney talked a lot of smack but couldn’t actually do any of the workouts because she      was still broken.
And that was just at our little gym! One of the coolest things about The Open is that athletes from literally all over the world play a part in this thing. Unlike normal professional-level sports, CrossFit is the only sport where anyone and everyone can participate - from your tip top Grade-A All Star superhumans, to your coworker, Janet. To compete in the Super Bowl you have to be Tom Brady, but to compete in the CrossFit Open you can just be you. This is truly a worldwide community event that facilitates camaraderie and competition like nobody’s business. AND IT’S FREAKIN’ FUN. So seriously, what are you even doing? Register TODAY here on CrossFit’s official site, and then secure your shot at the workout with your Renew fam at Friday Night Lights here. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to build a better, stronger community with the amazing people that make up the CrossFit Renew family. We work hard. We sweat hard. We cheer hard. And sometimes we fall to the floor and scare children.


Also if you don’t participate in The Open this year Charles made some threatening comments over on our Instagram. You have been warned. Friday. February 24th. The Open begins with 17.1 at Friday Night Lights at CrossFit Renew. See you there.

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