2017 CrossFit Games Open: What and Why

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PSA: Chris Allman might have moved to Waco, but his voice still reigns at Renew. Specifically in this blog post. This is technically from last year, but we thought it captured the rhyme and reason for The Open. We will let him explain things. Take it away, Chris.  *dates and information have been edited and are current* _______________________________________________________________ The CrossFit Games Open officially kicks off the 2017 Games season that includes the Open (Feb. 25 through March 28), Regionals (May 19-June 4), and the CrossFit Games (August 1-6). For any CrossFit enthusiast, it's the most wonderful time of the year.

I don't wanna read this. I just wanna register.

If you aren't familiar with how the Open works there is an televised announcement every Thursday night for five weeks. Two of the top CrossFitters go head-to-head each week in front of a live crowd and thousands of people like us watching online. From there, each gym devotes a night where all of their athletes that have registered for the Open can come together and perform the WOD. Each WOD is done under the watch of a judge and their score is submitted online. Then, athletes can see how their scores stack up against their fellow Open Competitors around the world. For a very very VERY small population of CrossFitters, the Open is the first step in their efforts to become the Fittest Man on Earth or Fittest Woman On Earth. For the rest of us, there are different goals in mind: building community in the box, competing against ourselves and against the WOD, and competing against others in the box.

Building community in the box

I love the Open because for five straight weeks members from all classes come together to be, hang, sweat, jam, and get better - together. And I can't help but feel like a proud dad wearing socks with sandals watching all of his kids play in one place.
This year, we will be getting together every Friday night to party and WOD together. We will run heats at 5:00p, 5:30p, 6:00p and 6:30p. Want in? All you have to do is register and show up.

Competition against yourself and the WOD

Have you ever heard golfers say that they aren't really competing against the other golfers in the field but instead, against the golf course? The same could be said for CrossFitters - particularly those of you guys who require ZERO external motivation whatsoever.  You guys are the ones who aren't motivated by other people's times on the whiteboard at all. You don't even care that we have a whiteboard. You just come in, work hard, hang out, then head out.  If this is you the Open is perfect for you.  The WODs programmed in the Open aren't really for your fitness - they are for you to test your fitness. Competing in the Open will help you see just how far you've come in your fitness journey when you see a heinous WOD programmed and then you tackle it and finish it.  You'll get the satisfaction of knowing that your fitness was up to the task of completing a difficult WOD in a challenging setting. You might also find that you actually LIKE competing against other people.  austin mu edited

Competition against others

Then there are those who aren't internally motivated at all - they just want to compete against someone and win. Well, the Open is made for that as well.  The CrossFit Games determines the Fittest Man and Fittest Woman on Earth but did you know that the Open also helps determine the fittest in each country, state, city, and gym?  That's right, the Open is going to help us determine who is the fittest man and woman at CrossFit Renew! Now, there is not prize for being the fittest at Renew and being the fittest doesn't make you any more valuable to us or get you a special place in heaven or anything. But it is a cool honor and vindication of hard work and it's something to be proud of. I'm stoked to find out who it is!  Crossfit_Renew-175 If you are ready to join us for the Open, click here. If you are on the fence...click here. We love you guys and want to see you test your fitness and enjoy some healthy competition. So seriously, click here. To sign up for a slot to compete at Renew on Friday nights, click here.

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