17.1 In the Books!

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IMG_5607 Hey guys, remember that one time we did a million snatches and a bunch of burpee box jump overs and then our backs caught on fire but we all just nervously laughed about it in anticipation?? Great job to everyone who gave 17.1 a shot! Friday Night Lights was AWESOME and we want to give a big thank you to all the last minute judges who jumped in! Here are some of the highlights:
  1. Becca Harris honed her not-so-secret DJ skillz and owned the mic and rocked the house.
  2. Charles the Bearded Wonder (WHO SHAVED HIS FACE, GUYS) closed down the party with his bartending skills. “Alcohol makes people happy, and I like making people happy.” - an actual quote from Charles the Bearded Wonder
  3. Brendan burpee box jumped his way right onto his butt and he took the box down with him. But the good news is no one recorded it.
  4. Shoutout to Jillian and Athena! Those supermoms/preggo girlbosses worked out for two last Friday. They both gave it their all, despite getting winded faster than usual because of the child inside them.
  5. Also, the Wickeses got off a plane from LA Sunday night and headed straight to the box. Becky got one more rep than Jon and victory punched the air as they both gasped for air flat on their backs.
Q: But wait, did anyone actually finish this workout? A: HECK YES BECAUSE WE’RE AWESOME.


  1. Hroch - obviously - with an incredible time of 13:57 RX
  2. Matt Williamson motored through with a time of 18:05 RX
  3. Andrew Greenwood finished right behind Matt at 18:10 RX
  4. Drew Darby used to be a member at Renew and moved too far away to come regularly, but he wanted to join the fam again for The Open. He finished at 18:19 RX
  5. Last but not least, the only registered woman at Renew to finish. The one, the only, JULIE CROWLEYYYYYYY (and the crowd goes wild) with a time of 19:21 Rx.
  6. Not registered, but also not to be overlooked, Jess Rhodes finished at 19:50 Rx and Jamie Kampman (a mom of 1,000) finished at 17:33 Rx. Wut.
Q: Was anyone crazy enough to make a second attempt at 17.1? A: Yes. Lewis was not satisfied with his capped score, so Sunday night, he came back for a second round. He also quickly realized this was a mistake, but pushed through until there was no way he was going to get a better score than his first attempt. Also Russ wasn’t satisfied with his capped score either and came back for round two at 19:58. Nice job, Russ! Q: Who put on the most stressful screamo playlist in all the land? A: Steven Harmon waltzed into the gym Sunday night and said, “I have a playlist. I need it. You’re going to hate it, but I need it.” It consisted of screamo “tear your throat out”  **an actual lyric from one of his songs** music and he cranked out the workout with 199 reps scaled. Q: What are the standings after 17.1? A: Drumroll please...andddd the top 10 are currently

17.1 stats

We are so proud of everyone that came out and pushed through the first workout of The Open. Whether you went sub 14 or got capped, did scaled or RX, everyone did such an amazing job and truly made all the coaches so proud. And can we get a whoop whoop for all the cheerleaders and spectators?! The Renew community is so unique, and I can’t wait to spend the next 4 Fridays with everyone! Now rest those backs, ice, stretch, heat, drink water, eat well this week and get pumped for this Friday!! 17.2!! IMG_5608

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