Monster Mash Recap

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Last weekend marked the first of many annual Monster Mashes, and it was a SMASH! There were costumes, there was fake blood, and there was an all out brawl *sprint* for the winning spot. It truly was quite the finish!

Here were the highlights:

Best costume: Tyler and Brooke as the cast of Frozen. Tyler was supposed to wear the dress, but they didn’t know if people would think that was funny or not. It’s like they’ve never met anyone at Renew or something?

Fastest Floater (250m row) time went to the Flynns at 1:31:30! Looks like all their time of being Gym Rats paid off!

The runner up team, Are You Afraid of the Dark with Shannon and Zach, fought HARD for that top spot. Despite their valiant efforts, they finished just a few seconds after the winners. Shannon rowed her little heart out and Zach lept over that box with vigor during burpee box jumps.

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! Coming in first was team Pup N Suds with Claire and Russ! If you would like their autograph, I will supply sharpies at the desk so you don’t miss an opportunity. Also, I plan to order life size cardboard cutouts of them and station them around the gym as encouragement to us all. Also, feel free to clap every time they enter the gym until next year. They love that.

All very dramatic, but also it was a lot of fun and you’ll have a bad case of FOMO if you don’t participate next year -- so mark your calendars! Monster Mash 2k18 will be slated for Saturday, 10/27.

Thanks to all of you who came out and worked out or cheered or both! Next year is going to be even better now that we’ve got one run under our belts.

See y’all at the box!

Shannon can't keep her eyes open in any picture, ever, so it was only fitting to include this. 

Find and tag yourself in all the cool photos here!!

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