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Member Spotlight: Anelisa Martin

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The alternate title was: Member of the Month: Mighty Mouse. Because she is small, but she is oh so very mighty. ****Pic of Ben included as part of the fam and unofficial member that needs to become official because we all love him**** Q: Why did you decide to get into CrossFit? A: Honestly I was so naive and I had no idea what I was getting into. I was looking for a gym to help me lose the freshman 15 (which carried over into grad school and turned into more like 30), and there was a CrossFit gym across the street from where I was living at the time. I've been addicted ever since! Q: What is your favorite memory involving CrossFit? A: Rich Froning delivered a sled to my house for a Rogue commercial. It's not every day that the fittest man on earth shows up at your doorstep. [SIDE NOTE: THAT IS NOT CASUAL NEWS AND IS VERY COOL, HERE IS THE VIDEO.] Q: Have you ever done The Open, and if so, what is your favorite thing about it? A: Yes, I've done the Open almost every year since 2012. My favorite thing about the Open is the community and cheering on everyone! The energy is always so high and everyone puts in so much effort. It's like Christmas and Dave Castro is Santa. Q: What is your goal for The Open this year? A: To not die! Q: What is your go-to junk food snack? A: ICE CREAM. All day, err'day. Q: What is one thing about you that we would all be surprised to find out? A: See #2. Haha but also, I used to own a CrossFit affiliate in Nashville and we had a team that went to Regionals. I was not on the team (obviously). [ALSO NOT CASUAL NEWS.] Anelisa, we are so glad you ditched Karhu (or changed jobs and had to move… whatever…) to be a part of our crew. We love you!

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