Friday Night Lights: 18.1 Recap

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One down, 4 more to go. 18.1 was… cute. Our shoulders are bruised, our forearms are sore, but clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose, amirite? We are so proud of you guys. You came, you saw, you wanted to turn around and remove your name from the heat sheet, but instead you conquered. All we can do week over week is just that: show up and work hard. Just like these people! Peep the highlights:
  • Jess Guevara did 18.1 on Friday, felt really defeated by it, so decided to re-do it with her mind right. For her, it wasn’t so much that she wanted to do the workout again, but she wanted to feel like she owned it. She got 51 more reps than her first attempt. So, take that Castro. #owned
  • Luke Voss kept it slow and steady with singles on toes to bar, ripped most of his hand and bled everywhere, but just like his temperament, he stayed consistent and finished RX at 171 reps.
  • Our favorite flexi girl, Andi Lozano, was so nervous coming into the workout and planned to scale. After warming up, (and some coaxing… I mean coaching), she completed the workout RX and  CRUSHED IT.
  • Sadie Flynn had knee surgery like… not even two weeks ago and completed the workout scaled, but like… she got almost 330 reps not two weeks out of surgery, so...wow.
  • The 8am crew showed up with guns blazing and sarcasm flying, per usual. They also were responsible and didn’t drink mimosas afterwards, but what they don’t know is that they will this week.  
  • Headmaster Hroch  came in on Monday during open gym talking some smack about how he wasn’t going to re-attempt the workout. He then proceeded to do some Good Will Hunting math on the board to figure out what split times he needed to get 12 rounds, still saying he wasn’t sure if he was going to re-do it, then obviously re-did it, and improved his score by 22 reps.
  So what are the current standings? Am I going to Regionals? You can always check the leaderboard whenever you want by logging into your account here. But or these recap blogs, we will keep you posted with the top 10 each week in both divisions. Women RX: Men RX: Women Scaled: Men Scaled:   Regardless of what the leaderboards say week over week, you guys are forever the best. Thanks for not only working super hard, but for helping us stay organized and keeping things running smoothly! The Renew Crew is the best crew. Stay hydrated this week, eat clean (and eat enough!), stay stretchy, and we’ll see everyone again in a few days for 18.2!

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