Member Spotlight: Charles Menzes

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The man above that looks like Moses (probably). That’s Charles. Every time Charles Menzes takes a leave of absence from the gym -- be it an injury or a trip to India or a brief stint with Zumba -- the emptiness is palpable. They are long, sad times void of joy, alcohol, and BYO barbell clips. And if you’re like, “who the hell is Charles?” then, well, that makes sense. Because he’s gone a lot. But when he’s here!! It’s great and Charles is great and we’re so happy that he chooses us as his CrossFit home the 1 time a month he waltzes into the 6:30pm. Q:. When did you start doing CrossFit and why A: I think that I started Renew in January or February of 2015. Or maybe it was 2014. I lived just two blocks away from the old box, so I really had no excuses left for not doing Crossfit. I had to phone Allman and Whitney like 5 times before they returned my call. I really started wondering if they wanted new members. Q:  What is your favorite memory at Renew? A:  There are too many good memories to pick just one.* *This is a lame answer Q:  Where did you learn to make mixed drinks so well? A:  I don't think that I make drinks that well. I just make them often. Q:  What is the strangest thing you've done for the sake of fitness? A:  I'm pretty sure that Crossfit is the strangest thing I've done for the sake of fitness. Q:  What is one fun fact about yourself that would surprise all of us? A:  I make pottery, so if you need some bowls I can hook you up. We’ll be here waitin’ on that mem. We love you, Charles! Thanks for forcing Allman and Whitney to take your money all those years ago.

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