18.3 Highlight Reel

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18.3 was technical, it was gymnasty, and it pointed out lots of weaknesses that most of us have. Double unders, overhead squats, muscle ups…the only thing that could have made it worse would have been squat snatches. Despite Dave Castro’s efforts to defeat us, the Renew Crew showed up strong! Every time there are skills like this, there is bound to be at least one person that gets something for the first time. And you better believe we had more than one! Here are the highlights:
  • The ever dominant Randel attempted a million ring muscle ups, and got her first one with 2 seconds to spare. The 8am was RILED up! (she also redid it and got 3 cause she’s Randel)
  • Ryan Kirwin has been so close to getting his muscle up for months. He didn’t get past the second set of double unders, but at 14:00, just for kicks, jumped up and got it on his first try!
  • Andi Lozano scaled and did pull-ups (with grace and ease) and was only 8 reps away from completing both rounds! That’s probably the most pull-ups she’s ever done in a workout!
  • Steven Harmon has been working on double unders since birth probably and was only 2 reps away from finishing the second set of 100! That is 198 double unders! We will be awarding him a medal because we have been anxiously awaiting this day.
  • Frank Brown wanted to do the actual scale, and did regular pull-ups. One at a time, slow and steady.
  • Whitney Furrh got two ring muscle ups after not having done them for a few years and was very excited, as she should have been.
  • Zach Lozano wasn’t satisfied with his performance, so went back for round two Saturday morning, getting to the second set of double unders in the second round (the farthest anyone got)!
  • Because of the previous highlight, Hroch also redid it. He didn’t beat Zach, but he did beat his previous tiebreaker and got further than before!
  • McKenzie and Becky did muscle ups in a workout for the first time, and had the BEST cheer squad. Every time they were on top of the rings, everyone lost their minds and it was amazing.
  • A few honorable mentions that will be getting muscle ups very soon are as follows: Haley Hall, Becca Harris, Jordan Elder, Tyler Daniel, Jack Furrh. Your time will come.
  What are the standings? Women RX Men RX Women Scaled Men Scaled Women Masters Men Masters (Mike wanted everyone to know how he has been doing, so pay special attention to this section) Now, on behalf of all of the Renew staff, we would like to close this blog with a quick, “I told you so.” We told you that you would be pushed. We told you that you would be challenged. We told you that you would do cool things you didn’t know you could ever do. We told you our community would rally and cheer and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. We dadgum told you so. You can thank us later. But for real, it’s workouts like this that make CrossFit so special. We are so proud of all of you and beyond grateful for this community that is CrossFit Renew. Working out is cool...but you all are cooler. We are past the halfway mark. Gear up for 18.4 and see you there!

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