Introducing: FlowgaWOD, Mobility and Yoga for the CrossFit Athlete

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Flow + yoga + workout of the day = FlowgaWOD. In a perfect world, CrossFitters would take their mobility training as seriously as they take their strength training. We know CrossFit in and of itself is not dangerous, but an imbalance in your body can be. Although I could bore you to tears with the benefits of yoga in strength training, I’m actually here to deliver some exciting news: We’re kicking off a yoga and mobility program for CrossFit! For 6 weeks starting April 10th, you and me will hit the mats to focus on movement therapy, mobility drills, and recovery flows to optimize your performance and help you crush those asana-kicking WODs. And if you’ve already read this and thought, “Do I really need this course?” Here are some of my convincing (and favorite) reasons why you should join me: FlowgaWODs will improve your mobility and range of motion. All yoga poses are combination of strength, mobility, and balance. If you aren’t taking the time to stretch and restore your muscles, chances are you’re leading your body into restricted joint movement. The high reps and heavy weight of CrossFit movements will cause your joints to overcompensate for the mobility you lack in your muscle tissue. Slow and mindful movements to release tendons, ligaments, and muscles will naturally improve your range of motion and help restore and correct muscle imbalances. FlowgaWODs will help your breath control and focus. Did you know that most of us only use about 25% of our lung capacity? That’s because we take shortened breaths into our chest which actually weakens the diaphragm from its reflexive nature. Full deep inhales and exhales maximize the lung capacity which allows for full expansion in the ribs and improvement in your thoracic mobility. Isn’t that fun? Learning to breathe deeply into your diaphragm directly translates to your ability to produce more power and endurance in your high intensity workouts. FlowgaWODs increase your body awareness and mind/muscle connections. Developing body awareness is actually quite simple: less force, more listening. Because CrossFit is so speed-focused, it’s hard to remember or feel exactly how or why you tweaked your back or jacked up your knee. Yoga requires stillness, something that may sound boring to the everyday CrossFitter. But before you know it after commiting to a regular yoga practice, you’ll be walking around with a sore back saying to yourself, My quadtratus lamborum is really tight today,” and you’ll know how to fix it. Awareness. Neat. FlowgaWODs will help the development of a strong and stable core. “Core to extremity” is CrossFit’s mantra, yet our core is usually the first to go when we’re tired. In yoga, every pose is essentially a core exercise. Want to nail those challenging lifts? The development of strong, deep abdominal muscles are your ticket. Yoga will build your core from the inside out, helping you cultivate awareness for how your torso and limbs work together to achieve maximum strength and power. FlowgaWODs will help you recover and restore in a snap. CrossFit is primarily high intensity with speed, but in order to cultivate speed you have to cultivate rest. It’s no secret that we under recover from workouts with poor nutrition and a lack of stretching and muscle lengthening. Yoga will teach your body how to relax with strength. Doesn’t all of that sound fantastic? Thought so. Let’s do this. Here are the details:   When:
  • April 10th - May 19th (6 weeks, 15 classes total)
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30am and/or 6:30pm. Saturdays at 10:00am
  • CrossFit Renew
  • Tuesday/Thursday classes will be 30 minutes of mobility-focused drills to keep you moving during the week.
  • Saturday classes will be 60 minutes of “Core & Restore” -- core-strengthening and restorative yoga to recover from the week.
  • Plus additional daily resources and communications written exclusively for FlowgaWOD flowgies.
  How much?
  • $89. Just sign up via Wodify and it’ll get charged to your account! Easy peasy. If you’re not a member of CrossFit Renew, no problemo. You can still join us for this mobility training!

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