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So, if you read last month’s blog, you heard from Hroch that I have stepped into the role of Head Coach at CrossFit Renew and I am SO THRILLED! If you didn’t read last month’s, then you’re probably not reading this either because you don’t care about our newsletters and just want a place to work out everyday and that’s all, and that’s okay, but I would still like to know you and everything about your childhood and how your parents parented you and how that has shaped you into the person you are today BUT that’s for another day and a different blog. Today, we’re talking about what’s going on in the gym. You may notice a few changes here and there, and I want to tell you why. I’ve been told once or twice that I take things too seriously in life, but I like to think of it more as being intentional. I’m serious because most of the things I do have been picked apart in my brain in more detail than the average individual would enjoy or care to do. It’s a little obnoxious what goes on in my head, but sometimes it’s helpful. Like, for instance, leading a CrossFit coaching staff to deliver the best possible experience for our members. Meaning, every detail of what gets put into a one-hour class has been thoroughly thought through; from the warm-up, to the time it’s going to take all you jokers to put plates on your barbell, to the newly instated cool-down laps that you’re growing to embrace. It’s all intentional because we want to give you the best fitness experience we possibly can, not just because we want to be the best, but because our staff is made up of awesome, caring, thoughtful people who want what you do in the gym to impact the rest of your life, both today and in the future. So, if Sadie yells at you to get lower in your squat, it’s not just because she likes to yell or is super passionate about the squat (though, that is also appropriate) but it’s because we want you to take your joints through the full range of motion that they were designed to do to prepare you for what’s outside of the gym. If you can’t squat past parallel now, it’s not going to improve when you’re 75 and you fall on the floor and cannot stand up because you literally can’t get your knees and hips in a position to do so. We don’t want that! Our programming is designed to be advantageous to a 22 year old collegiate athlete and 65 year old retiree. I may have different reasons for wanting you both to get upside down and work on some version of a handstand walk, but I promise you, there IS a reason, and if you ever want to know why, just ask! I’ll tell you more than you want to know, and will make sure our coaches do the same In addition to some things looking different in class, we’re also working on ongoing training for our coaching staff! I’m really pumped about this as well because there is a wealth of knowledge out there about CrossFit and its methodology and any movement you can think of, and researching it so that I can teach it to our coaches gets me FIRED UP about fitness and the way CrossFit accomplishes it. There’s a lot of really smart people behind this sport. You’ve probably felt a similar spurt of energy in your own profession after attending a really great conference for continuing education, and that revived passion then makes you better at your job! That’s what I want for all my coaches, too. To be the best coach they can be for you guys, they have to be excited about CrossFit and in a place where they’re hungry to improve. Some of the ways we’re doing that is by running through drills together, reading lots of articles, doing online courses, and more! The point is, these changes are because I care. I care about our coaches, I care about CrossFit, and, perhaps most importantly, I care about you guys! Every day, the coaches collectively make decisions about how to give you the best experience and make you the fittest, healthiest versions of yourselves -- and I hope it shows. Again, if you have any questions about why we do what we're doing, or why it's relevant to you, please do not hesitate to ask. We're here for you, and happy to chat! See you under the big ass fan, Becky

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