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Coaches Corner with Hroch: Shiny New Programs

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Guys! In case you missed it, there’s a lot of exciting stuff coming up in the new year! I’m sure there are a lot of questions about everything, so I’m going to answer as many of those as I can in this blog.

First up: Bring A Friend Week! (January 7-11)

I’m sure you have lots of friends you’ve talked about CrossFit to, tried to get to join you at a Community WOD, Wodder to Wine, Barbells and Bourbon...etc...and they just haven’t come because “they’re intimidated”. Well. From January 7th-11th, you are in luck. During this week, workouts will be scaled down (to Community WOD style...but just tell them it’ll be easier) and we want you to bring everyone you know! They will be able to come to any and all classes they want that week. The goal of this is to introduce our non-CrossFitting friends to this sport that we love so much. We would obviously love for them to come to love it as much as we do and join us forever. The more friends in the gym, the better, right? Send them this link, have them select which class they would like to join, and use the code BAF2019. Best part about this? Perks for YOU! For every one of your friends that signs up to be a member of Renew, you will get a $50 gift card to the athletic apparel brand of your choice! Nike, Reebok, Lulu, Whatever you’d like!! So, the more friends you bring, the better chances you have of getting some free dollars. Come one, come all!

Second up: Class Pass (January 21st - February 16th)

You’ve probably heard of “Class Pass” before -- you know, that program where you sign up for a monthly membership and get to try a variety of classes and gyms around town. Well, we’re taking a page out of a similar book and doing our own version within Renew! The Class Pass is your ticket to attend a variety of special classes that focus on developing a variety of skills to help you grow as an athlete. This semester’s classes will laser in on three key areas: gymnastics, aerobic capacity, and mobility. Three suspiciously important aspects of the 2019 CrossFit Open. Here’s what we’ve got this semester:
  • Gymnastics with Coach Becky Wickes: Saturdays @ 10am
  • Flowga with Andi Lozano of The Mobile Athlete: Tuesdays @ 6:30am, Sundays @ 6pm
  • Aerobocap with Coach Justin Hroch: Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm, Saturdays @ 8 am
So, there are multiple classes of each every week, giving you lots of options. So how do you actually attend these? You will pick one of the packages below using this link! Class Pass Memberships (priced per month)
  • 1x Week - $59
  • 2x Week - $115
  • 3x Week - $169
  • Unlimited - $199
We know Open Gym is hard to get to for everyone, so we really wanted to create an opportunity for more learning and practice in a specific area. We are really excited about these weeks and can’t wait to see everyone’s improvements!

Lastly, Reboot! (January 14th - February 22nd)

We have been wanting to start a bootcamp style class for a while now, and we are finally doing it! Led by our very own Chelsea Montgomery! This class will be a good middle ground for people who don’t want the intimidation of CrossFit, but are tired of their own boring gym routines. Chelsea is a very seasoned bootcamp trainer for a camp that must not be named, and is going to do an incredible job with this! If you have any friends that won’t come to CrossFit (or Bring a Friend Week), this is a really great option for them to amp up their fitness. If you know anyone interested, send our way! That’s it for now! We are all really excited for each of these things! So, get your friends amped for BAF Week, be thinking about how many and which classes to come to for Class Pass, and send anyone interested in Reboot to us!

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