Coaches Corner with Sades: RX vs. Scaled – how to do the 2020 Open

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Whaddup, jabronies.

I know you’re still recovering from The Open we just had in the Spring, both physically and emotionally, but CoNsTanTLy VaRiEd, am I right? Indeed, another Open season is upon us and with it comes the emotionally paralyzing, life-altering decision everyone must make:

“Should I register for the RX division or the Scaled division?”

This past Spring, we had folks choose which division they’d compete in on a workout-by-workout basis. This October, however, you must make a choice on the first workout, and you must stick with that choice throughout the duration of the Open (5 workouts of varying modalities and intensities over the course of 5 weeks). 

To help you choose, we’re stating some cases.

A case for RX

It’s bananas that I’m even having to make a case for this, but sometimes we just need someone to lovingly shove us into pushing ourselves a little bit further than we’d go on our own. That said, you should register for the RX division if you are:

  • A strong person with general proficiency in all movements who constantly RX’s workouts in class
  • A decently strong person with general sufficiency in most but not all movements, who sometimes RX’s workouts in class
  • A person who has more proficiency in gymnastics movements than strength movements, who sometimes RX’s workouts in class

Maybe you can do Isabel or Grace at 135/95, but it’s not the fastest time on the board. Maybe you got bar muscle-ups this year, but don’t quite have ring muscle-ups yet. Maybe you have kipping pull-ups, but you can only squeak out 1 or 2 chest-to-bars. Maybe you’ve got kipping handstand push-ups, but you’re still working on your handstand walks. You get the idea. Or maybe you have most gymnastics movements, but are still working on improving strength in your lifts. If you’re on the cusp of RX-ness, register for the RX division. 

A case for Scaled

On the flippity flop, the scaled division is most folks’ opportunity to jump into friendly competition without feeling completely defeated week over week. It’s a division with attainable modifications that are still challenging -- no matter if you’re general Scaled, Masters, or pregnant with FOMO. For those of us considering the option, you should register for the Scaled division if you are:

  • A person.

As always, we care about your fitness -- not your ego. So we want you to select the division in which you’ll not only have fun -- but get a good workout, too. If you’re new around here, have never done this before, or are ready to push the scaled workouts like you’ve never pushed before -- get in on that Scaled division life! If, however, you’ve registered for the scaled division year over year, but have been working on your lifts, your gymnastics, or your aerobic capacity -- challenge yourself to the RX division this year! Do it for you, not for the scoreboard. 

And as I say my final few words I’d like to point out that 5 months ago I competed in the Spring Open like 7 months pregnant, and in less than 3 weeks I’ll be competing in the Fall Open at 4 months postpartum. 

Do with that information what you will, but here’s the link to register. ? Bye!

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