Member Spotlight: The Weishuhns

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Member Spotlight: The Weishuhns

Cody and Camille are the type of friends who will hang out with you all night long, and then bring you Pedialyte in the morning. 

Need we say more?


Q: How and why did you start doing CrossFit

Camille: I started Crossfit about 6 years ago after my aunt invited me to join her one day. It was crazy how close we got after working out together everyday!

Cody: I had just started dating Cam, and she invited me to a class (obviously a test), so I had no other choice if I wanted our relationship to prosper. Really though, I love it. It’s just a bunch of like-minded folks trying to get their sweat on and be a better version of themselves. Great community to be a part of, and also super welcoming when we moved here and didn’t know anybody.


Q: What is one thing you’ve learned about yourself since starting CrossFit?

Camille: I figured out that my brain gives up WAY faster than my body does. I have learned how to trust my body more and not listen to my thoughts telling me to give up!

Cody: I have more mental strength than I perceived. The benefits of working out is just as much for the mind as it is the body.


Q: You’re from the great state of Louisiana – please share your favorite Louisiana related memory from living there. 

Camille: My favorite memories are hunting and fishing with my mom and dad. I also loved Mardi Gras when I was little (and now of course). We would go to different people’s houses along the parade route, everyone was dressed so fun, and there was always great food and games.

Cody: It would have to be tailgating for LSU football games, it is madness. Or just Louisiana festivals in general, whether it be a Cochon de Lait fest or French Quarter fest, there is always great music and delicious food to be had! Oh, and of course Mardi Gras.


Q: What does your ideal Saturday look like?

Camille: Drink coffee, workout, go thrifting, drink coffee again, bake something, go eat somewhere fancy and get some cocktails.

Cody: Community WOD (I’m on the spot here) or fishing first thing, go for a hike on a nearby trail, NOT THE GROCERY STORE, pitch the hammock and relax for a while, work on a project, NOT CHORES, fire up the grill, Netflix n chill.


Q: What is your favorite holiday and why?

Camille: HALLOWEEN!! It’s so fun and magical to me.

Cody: Well, July 4th of course. It’s my bday!


Cam and Cody, we’re so happy you chose us as your gym home. We love you and your wacky Louisiana spirit. Let the crawfish boils commence!

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