Drop the Ego, Train to your Capacity: Part 2 Strength

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Drop the Ego, Train to your Capacity: Part 2 Strength

In Colin’s last blog, he talked about the importance of identifying your capacities — strength, endurance, and range of motion — and training within those capacities. In the second part of this series, he talks specifically about your strength capacity, and the importance of maintaining form when lifting heavy. With viral videos of mega PR lifts at every scroll, it’s easy to think the whole fitness game is about strength. And with that in mind, it’s even easier to let your form shrivel to shit just to say you added a few extra pounds to your squat max. 

As Colin so succinctly put it: “strength without control is a liability, not an asset.”

So when it comes to one-reps, what if instead of the mentality, “I can, therefore I should”, we reframed the narrative to “I should, so that I can”.  We should work heavy singles, so that we can train for longevity (and not likes). 

Check out the rest of his blog over on Move First Chiropractic’s website for a deeper dive into why your days of a ring-the-bell PR should be behind you.

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