Respecting your Capacities: Part 3 Range

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Respecting your Capacities: Part 3 Range

Ahhh yes, range of motion. For some, that of Gumby. For others, a stone statue. In Dr. Colin’s third installment of “Respecting your Capacities”, he addresses how range of motion specifically can impact our strength, as well as endurance capacities. 

If we constantly train with poor range of motion around a joint, we almost always have to call on muscles beyond the joint in training in order to complete the skill. That recruitment can lead to compensating, which can lead to poor movement patterns and, inevitably, injury. However, recruiting other muscles isn’t always bad, as long as quality form is used in the process. In fact, outside muscle recruitment can actually help delay muscle fatigue. 

“Chronically working outside our active range will result in permanence of the compensation pattern that is utilized to achieve the task, and this compensation will eventually become the only option. If we move in one pattern we are using the same tissues ad nauseam leading to fatigue in that pattern and further breakdown of the movement. Adequate active range of motion affords us movement options, meaning we can load a variety of tissues and delay fatigue induced breakdown.”

If you don’t know if you are compensating on a regular basis or not, check out the rest of Colin’s blog on the issue. He’s included multiple videos that will allow you to assess active and passive ranges of motion for your shoulders, hips, and ankles. Check it out, try it out, and help your body out by pinpointing some of these problem areas. 

Thanks for the knowledge, Colin! Now hop on over to his blog and get working on that ROM. 

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Colin Baillargeon

Colin Baillargeon

Colin joined the Renew Crew in February of 2020 as an athlete and a coach shortly after opening Move First - Performance Chiropractic within our very building. Colin is a chiropractor that focuses on movement quality and optimization and believes that well designed strength and conditioning programming paired with intentional recovery is what leads to a healthy, happy body. Colin was on Oklahoma State’s co-ed cheer team, and since has over 10 years of cheer and tumbling coaching, with 3 years of CrossFit coaching and Olympic Lifting and Strongman specialties sprinkled throughout his coaching tenure. His favorite benchmark workout is Grace - ‘cause barbells.

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