Member Spotlight: The Guidorzis

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Member Spotlight: The Guidorzis

The Guidorzis are what we like to call Boomerang Members — they worked out with us for a while (back when we were just an old laundry room in the back of a church), left to go for a spin, but now they’re back. Actually, they’ve both been back for about a year now and all coaches would unanimously agree that both have grown tremendously as athletes! 

If you asked Emilee why she started CrossFit, her old answer was almost always, “I want to lose three pounds,” as if she were Regina George herself. Now, well, read on to find out:

Q: Why did you start Crossfit?

Emilee: We used to workout at Renew several years ago when it was just us in a cinderblock box with Chris Allman (shoutout to the OG!). After a few years of being with Renew, life got busy and we stepped away,  and before we knew it four years and 20 pounds had gone by. We both wanted to get back into shape and had never found a rhythm with any other gym because Renew set the bar so high. We knew our health and wellness were worth it, and decided to jump back in at the start of the New Year.

David: Emilee and I were a part of Renew years ago when it was just a literal “Box”. We loved it then and we really wanted to join again. We had tried CG but it just wasn’t the same. The workouts weren’t as good and the community wasn’t near as strong. We both felt like we needed to focus on our health again after a long season of not doing that, so we joined Renew again.

Q: What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?

Emilee: My favorite thing is the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a workout. I’ve never been an athlete and have always hated working out, so for me to show up consistently and not pass out is a huge victory. 

David: I’m feeling better on a daily basis. I wake up easier, fall asleep easier, have more energy during the day, drink less coffee, can hike further, etc.

Q: What have you learned about yourself since starting?

Emilee: That a lot of times I’m capable of more than I think. Sometimes not though (stop pushing me Becky).

David: My mobility is not great. I already knew this but I’ve had to relearn all over again. I’ve also learned that smoothies are wonderful.

Q: Do you have a go-to date night spot?

Emilee: We love happy hour at Salty Sow or La Condesa. Andy’s frozen custard has become our go to for dessert.

David: La Condesa is a great one. Emilee and I have been going there a few times a year since like 2012. I think it was one of our first “fancy” dates where you are broke but you spend $100 dollars on dinner.

Q: If you were to write a TED talk, what would the topic be?

Emilee: Chicken keeping or the Bachelor franchise. I know a lot about both.

David: I think my TED talk would be about why everyone should change their own oil, why “right to repair” is central to the American experience, why John Deere is evil, why small farmers are the best, and why cars shouldn’t have touchscreen interfaces. They’re all related.


So glad y’all came back around. Cheers to chickens and CrossFIt! 

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Mckenzie Souther

Mckenzie Souther

McKenzie is a North Carolina transplant (go Heels) who’s been coaching and attending Renew since 2016. Her favorite benchmark workout is Isabel, ‘cause quick power snatches are her jam. But as a former gymnast, she’ll also settle for any workout that requires her to be upside down. When she’s not coaching or working out, she just wants to be where her friends are -- preferably somewhere on the greenbelt with lots and lots of dogs!

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