Finding New Rhythms Early Postpartum (featured on austinfitmagazine.com)

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Finding New Rhythms Early Postpartum (featured on austinfitmagazine.com)

In 2019, Coach Sadie gave birth to the world’s cutest, sweetest little girl. In both the prenatal period and the postpartum period, she poured herself into Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism courses, BirthFit seminars, Pelvic Floor doctors, and in the process assumed that doing all of these things would make for a speedy and productive postpartum recovery. She quickly (rudely) learned that recovery after delivery is a journey — with peaks and valleys and new rhythms, a lot of rest, and even more reliance on those surrounding you to help you. 

And that’s okay. 

“If you’re newly pregnant for the very first time (or maybe you’re on to number two and you’d like to do things differently) and you’re looking for guidance on how to navigate the immediate postpartum period from a mental, emotional and physical/fitness perspective, my advice to you would be to establish a rhythm based on my brilliant pelvic floor physical therapist’s feedback. I want to be very clear here: a rhythm is not a routine. Adaptable, remember? Here’s what I wound up making work for me, I hope you find it as helpful as I did…”

Read the full article over at Austin Fit Magazine.

If you’re pregnant and you need some help in thoughtfully training your way through pregnancy, or if you’re postpartum and you are looking for a coach who can help you safely and intentionally rebuild your body after baby, reach out to Sadie and get involved in our pregnancy and postpartum program, Rebuild. Rebuild is a comprehensive combination personal training and group class training program that starts the moment you find out you’re pregnant and continues all the way to nine months postpartum. 

We’re here for you!

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Sadie Flynn

Sadie Flynn

Sadie, who's been coaching at Renew since 2016, is a former collegiate athlete with a penchant for power lifts. So, unsurprisingly, her favorite benchmark workout is the lovely Linda. As a new mom, Sadie is passionate about pregnant and postpartum fitness and wellness, and works hard to help women take care of their bodies before and after birth. When she's not making jokes at your expense or forcing her 90s alternative music beliefs upon you, you can find Sadie outside somewhere with her husband, two dogs, and their chonky new baby.

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