Member Spotlight: Drew Priode

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Member Spotlight: Drew Priode

Pretty new to us, and pretty newer to Austin, Drew Priode’s one of those that truly enjoys laying it out on the mats. It’s been a real treat to coach him thus far, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for him as he continues to show up and bro up. Learn more about one of our Renewbs, Drew! 


Q: Why did you get into CrossFit and what is your favorite part about it? 

A: Every time somebody talks about CrossFit they’ve got a smile on their face, so I had to find out why. My favorite part is the sense of community. It’s motivating to be in a class surrounded by others trying to better themselves as well.  


Q: What is something you’ve learned about yourself by doing CrossFit? 

A: A feeling that I’ve lost, but that I am relearning is how good it feels to workout. It may not always be fun in the moment, but there’s no better feeling than when class is done, you’re covered in sweat and filled with endorphins. It’s addicting.


Q: Beach, Mountains, or Lake – pick one and tell us why.

A: Beach 100%. I get to be warm, and there’s always a cocktail nearby. Nothing better.


Q: You’ve got a lot of tattoos! Which is your favorite and what’s the meaning behind it? 

A: “Earl” — he’s a skeleton with a top hat, and a cane on my leg. It’s spooky, and reminds me not to take everything so seriously.


Q: What is one thing you’d like to accomplish this year? Fitness related or not! 

A: Buy a house! I’ll be so excited to stop paying rent, and play my music as loud as I want.


Drew, you’ve jumped right into our community and we are glad to have you! If you see him around the gym, say hello and get to know him! Being new to a city is hard, but it’s a lot better with a gym fam.

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Mckenzie Souther

Mckenzie Souther

McKenzie is a North Carolina transplant (go Heels) who’s been coaching and attending Renew since 2016. Her favorite benchmark workout is Isabel, ‘cause quick power snatches are her jam. But as a former gymnast, she’ll also settle for any workout that requires her to be upside down. When she’s not coaching or working out, she just wants to be where her friends are -- preferably somewhere on the greenbelt with lots and lots of dogs!

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