Member Spotlight: Alicia Nguyen

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Member Spotlight: Alicia Nguyen

Alicia single-handedly kept COVID at bay here at the gym by providing bottles of Tito’s vodka hand sanitizer, so, not all heroes wear capes. If you haven’t met Alicia yet, please take 3 minutes to get to know one of our kindest, hardest-working members to date:


Q:  How did you get into CrossFit and what made you stick with it? 

A: I started CrossFit several years ago when I was living in Florida because it was the closest gym to my home at the time. When I came to Austin I was struggling to stay committed to a regular gym/studio so I decided to get back into CrossFit. After A LOT of researching CrossFit gyms around me, I saw that Renew did free community WODs on Saturdays. I showed up to one and it was a done deal from there.


Q: Did you play sports growing up? If you did not (or even if you did) what’s one sport you wish you’d tried? 

A: I played ZERO sports growing up, (more of an arts and crafts kinda girl), but if I could go back I would’ve liked to try my hand at tennis! 


Q: What is your favorite form of exercise outside of the gym? 

A: Favorite form of exercise would be petting all the floofy dogs. Second favorite is hiking.


Q: What is your ideal day off? 

A: Perfect day off consists of sunny weather and the beach.


Q: What is one thing you’re proud of inside the gym, and one thing you’re proud of outside of the gym in real life? 

A: Honestly just proud of myself for sticking through after the year we’ve had. 2020 was weird. Working from home for over a year has not been an easy task for me but thanks to y’all, I’m able to step away from the computer for a little to focus on my well-being and health. So I guess I’m just proud to be happy and healthy! 🙂 


Alicia, we love having you around, and are so glad you’ve taken charge of your health even in a weird year. You are truly da best. 

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