Member Spotlight: Kaci and Ari Romano

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Member Spotlight: Kaci and Ari Romano

Kaci and Ari are truly a gift to any class they are in! They don’t take themselves too seriously, but still work their butts off. Kaci is always available to talk about the latest reality TV show tea, and Ari will be there to roll his eyes and pretend he’s not invested in it, but we all know he is. 

Here’s a fun Q&A from both of them! 


Q: How long have you been doing CrossFit and what made you stick with it for this long? 

Ari: 8 years. Community is key. I love the healthy competition that comes from it. I need to be pushed and I love finding a good pace buddy to keep me moving forward & challenging myself. 

Kaci: 6-ish years now. Being a gymnast I’m used to community surrounding the workouts, and I’ve found that with CrossFit when I haven’t found that anywhere else. I love that there’s always something or someone that will challenge me and give me the opportunity to grow/improve on. Almost cancel my membership every time running is involved tho….. jk, kinda.


Q: What is something you feel like you’ve improved in the gym in the last year? 

Ari: Endurance and finding the pace in the beginning. No more crashing and burning! 

Kaci: Double-Freakin-Unders. It’s been a long time coming, but I actually have put in the work to get better at them this past year. Still not super consistent, but I’m getting there! 


Q: You’ve known each other for a LONG time! What were your first impressions of each other? 

Ari: I had just turned 17, she was about to turn 16. She’s cute. (A real tear jerker this one.) 

Kaci: I don’t remember meeting him the first time (he loves to hold this against me). But I remember saying to my sister “whose that?” And she told me all the girls were in love with him, “so good luck with that”. I did a hair flip and said “watch me” and now 12 years later he’s my husband! 


Q: What is your favorite quality about each other? 

Ari: She is compassionate but firm. I’ve always loved her ability to articulate her emotions, passion, opinions, and her 

ability to meet people where they are at to help them where they want to be. She cares a lot and commits herself to supporting those around her no matter what. She’s sassy, which is also very cute and humbling too! 

Kaci: His ability to lead others towards a common goal. I’ve loved his ability to connect and inspire even in the smallest ways. He’s encouraged and inspired me to grow within my career even when I was scared to go outside my comfort zone. He’s also done this in our everyday life. He’s been a constant cheerleader in my life, and I’m really thankful to be loved by someone like him.  


Q: What is something outside the gym that you’re passionate about? 

Ari: Board games, playing devil’s advocate, new restaurant experiences, and seeing movies. 

Kaci: I really love to read, trying new restaurants, and attempting DIY home projects! 


If you don’t know them yet – find them, and get to know them. Kaci will probably introduce herself before you have the chance to do it first and Ari will be the guy whose dust you’re about to be left in. We love the Romanos!

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