Member Spotlight: Kelsea Marshall

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Member Spotlight: Kelsea Marshall

Sometimes all it takes to get someone to start CrossFit is loving nudges and (aggressive) notes encouragement to try new, hard, but fun things from a family member who also happens to be a coach for years and years and years… and years.  

It’s Kelsea. We are talking about Kelsea.

Meet coach Sadie’s little sistercousin, Kelsea. 


Q: You were very hesitant to start CrossFit – aside from Sadie’s badgering, what helped you stick around? 

A: Ha! Yes, Sadie’s badgering was a big part of getting me to go but I have definitely found my own drive to stay. I have always enjoyed working out. I used to go to Gold’s/LA Fitness, etc. and even back then, I was still one of those crazies working out at 5:30 am. At those types of gyms, I have found that it’s much harder to push myself on my own. I could get up and get there, I just was unable to really make my workouts count. I would also wonder if I was actually doing the exercises right. Oftentimes, I would be willing to bet I was not. So, all of that has led me to really enjoying working out at Renew because I like going in and having someone not only tell me what to workout, but also how to workout properly. I appreciate the attentiveness and overall holistic approach to fitness that this gym offers. Even my eating habits have improved! I find myself wanting to go to the gym in the mornings with a good attitude and pushing myself to see what I can achieve. Which is a very new feeling for me that I am excited to lean into. Can’t imagine going back to my old ways now of just tooling around the gym for an hour. 


Q: What is something you’ve learned about yourself since starting CrossFit? 

A: I actually feel like I have wrestled with some odd feelings while starting CrossFit. I had thought that I would just work out a few times a week, reap the benefits of exercise, and move on with my daily life. However, I found myself oftentimes getting extremely frustrated with myself during the workout and feeling intense rage while simultaneously at the brink of tears. I think it stemmed from feeling like I was just not good enough or the inability to lift and/or do what everyone else was doing. My immediate reaction to things was, no, I can’t physically do that. I would want to quit before I had even started. So, I’ve learned that the mental aspect of working out for me goes even deeper than just stress relief. I’m still working on it but I think reframing my mind to get excited before I work out and see what I can do versus what I can’t do has been a good change for me. 


Q: Did you play sports growing up? If yes, which ones and what did you like about it? 

A: I did play sports! I played some Volleyball in middle school and Basketball in high school (Sadie would like me to tell you that I am a “tree person”). I am not a very competitive person unless I really get riled up. Like, if someone punched me during a Basketball game, I would foul out… Sans that, I could never get aggressive enough much to my dad’s dismay. I liked the community aspect and bonding of sports but can’t say I have missed them since. Not so good at being under pressure and the stress of having to make the point winning layup or final free throw was crippling. I am sure these things play into my can’t mentally but I will wrestle with that another day.  🙂


Q: What are a few songs on your guilty pleasure music rotation? 

A: Ah good question! Really had to think about this. My guilty pleasure rotation… I’m not sure how “guilty pleasure” these things are but I am tryin’!

  • I would say I love watching/listening to Harry Styles’s Tiny Desk concert. I can fangirl a bit on that it always somehow manages to get me in a better mood. Pretty much any Tiny Desk concert has the power to do that though.
  • Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush
  • Views – Drake (Only to be played when I am having a dance party, alone in my room and reliving my college glory days)


Q: What is one fear that you’ve overcome (or gotten more comfortable with) in the last year?

A: I wish I had an answer for this. The past year+ I have probably lived in a state of anxiety and fear and swing very hard towards comfort in those times. Wasn’t trying to conquer any fears, just tryin’ to make it. Check in in a year, will ya?  


Kels, we are so dang proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone, and leaning into something new and scary. We are so excited for all you’re learning about yourself, and your strength, and how much more of it you actually have than you ever thought. We’ll check back in in a year.

We love you! Stay forever!

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