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On Hyrox and grandpas getting married: Meet our newest coach, Tate Mitchell

Q: What do you eat in a day and why is it so much maple syrup?

A:  My staples are Ground turkey, cauliflower rice, and oats drowned in maple syrup or honey to give me energy for my endurance workouts!

Q: What do you do outside the gym (for work or play)?

A:  I spend most of my time outside the gym going on runs, watching netflix, or finding new ways to let my body recover. 

Q: What have you learned about yourself personally since starting CrossFit?

A: There are always areas of improvement and things to chip away at daily!

Q: Why (and when) did you become a CrossFit coach, and what does coaching mean to you?

A: I started coaching crossfit officially 3 years ago! Crossfit as a lifestyle and training methodology has done so much for me and those I love that I knew it was something  I wanted to pursue and share with others! It is the best feeling in the world seeing someone I am coaching achieve a goal.

Q: If you had to do one movement in every workout for the rest of your life, what would it be and why isn’t it the Assault Bike?

A: Surprisingly enough it would be a burpee, because it is simple (jump on the floor and get up) but its extremely effective! It would not be the assault bike because who in their right mind likes that piece of equipment 

Q: What is one thing outside the gym that you’re excited about doing/seeing/accomplishing in the next year?

A: I am excited about my competitions coming this year that if won would qualify me for my second Hyrox World Championships that are going to be held in Vegas this year! 

Q: Please tell us one embarrassing story about yourself.

A: The first time i asked my current girlfriend out on a date she said she couldn’t because her “grandpa is getting married” Everyone made fun of me because they/ i was sure that was her turning me down but turns out there really was a wedding and it really was her grandpa!!! 

Well there you have it. Grandpas really do get married. We’re so happy to have you on board, Tate!

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