On Tacos and Trekking: Meet our newest coach, Colin Helm

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On Tacos and Trekking: Meet our newest coach, Colin Helm

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your home life (where’d you come from, when’d you move here, etc.).

A:  I grew up in a small town in a very rural area just outside of  Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I lived there my whole life and grew up in a neighborhood where a lot of my friends lived just up the road from me. 

I moved to Austin in May of 2022.

Q: How did you get into CrossFit?

A:  I was introduced to crossfit by a friend who did it at his house as just a way to workout and hangout. It very quickly became a bigger passion of mine. 

Q: What have you learned about yourself personally since starting CrossFit?

A: A new passion for a healthier lifestyle, doing sports and exercise in the past was always just something I did because I either had to or just because everyone else was. Crossfit taught me how to truly push myself to be fitter and healthier in multiple aspects of life. 

Q: Why (and when) did you become a CrossFit coach, and what is your favorite part about coaching?

A: I became a coach because I knew crossfit was my passion, and what I wanted to pursue as a career. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into but I knew I could become a coach. So I went and took my L1 and was blessed with an opportunity to coach at a gym in my hometown. And then the love for coaching grew. My favorite part of coaching is seeing the effect myself, and crossfit can have on others. Seeing and helping people improve, or achieve their goals, and do things they didn’t know they could do is the best feeling. 

Q: What do you do outside the gym (for work or play)?

A:  Outside of the gym I love to do activities that involve being outdoors. Camping/backpacking is a huge passion of mine. Being from rural Pennsylvania, I spent a lot of time enjoying the mountains and nature. I also still try to play some kind of recreational sport whether its pick up basketball, or golf.

Q: If you had to do one movement in every workout for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A:  I would choose to do butterfly pull ups any day of the week. But as far as lifts go I love doing power cleans.

Q: What is one thing outside the gym that you’re excited about doing/seeing/accomplishing in the next year?

A: This next year I am excited to explore Austin with my wife. Being newly married and living together in a new city, there is a lot of growing and excitement coming my way. 

Q: Please tell us one embarrassing story about yourself.

A: There was a time when I was in elementary school, I think in 4th grade. I lived outside of town so my school bus came EARLY. The bus had 3 schools to stop and drop off at, the elementary school, middle school, then highschool. Well, I had fallen asleep at some point and the bus stopped and dropped off all the elementary school kids, then all of the middle schoolers, and then all of the high schoolers. I woke up and the bus was empty and the bus driver was just heading back to wherever they park and leave the busses. The driver finally notices me, and rightfully angry, she yells at me and has to drive me back to the elementary school and drop me off super late. Everyone was asking me what the heck happened and it was an embarrassing walk to class. 

Q: If you had to give a TED Talk about one topic, what would it be?

A: Why getting enough sleep is so important. I used to have a terrible sleep schedule, and I didn’t realize how much it impacted my daily life until I fixed it. 

Q: If you had to pick a “last meal”, what would it be?

A: My “last meal” would be shredded pork tacos Al Pastor. With fresh cilantro, raw white onion, and some lime juice. In corn tortillas, and some authentic  rice and beans on the side. 

Who wrote this post...

Colin Helm

Colin Helm

Colin, who had been a CrossFit athlete in Pennsylvania for a few years before moving down to Texas, joined the Renew Crew in May of 2022 as both an athlete, coach, and CSM. In his free time, Colin spends as much time as he can outside, whether that’s camping, hiking, cliff diving, he loves doing just about anything outdoors! Loyalty, respect, and Faith are just a few of his core values, and when he’s not applying those to his work and home life, you can find him respecting the struggle during Cindy – his favorite benchmark workout!

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