Member Spotlight: Robby Moore

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Member Spotlight: Robby Moore

Today you learned that Robby Moore, a fan 5:30am favorite, was asked to help found Renew back in 2012 (and maybe today you also learned he used to coach??) Robby is the type of guy who embodies all of our core values (and more) and we can’t think of Renew without thinking about Robby. 

Get to know this mustachioed man if you never find yourself workout out before the sun! 


Q: When did you join Renew? How did you find us?

A: Well, I’ve joined Renew twice. Once in 2012 (I was asked to help found the gym) and then I joined again at the end of 2019. Given I was around in the beginning I kept up and was glad to rejoin Renew when our family moved back to Austin.


Q: What’s your favorite memory of your time at the gym? Can be movement/milestone related, or something embarrassing about Justin. 

A: So many embarrassing things about Justin, but my favorite moment at the gym is more about the people I get to be around and spend time with each week. It is simple but I do enjoy getting to see so many people from so many different backgrounds gather together to do something really hard and encourage one another to keep going.

Q: Why do you stick with CrossFit?

A: I stuck with Crossfit mainly because it created an environment where I’m always being challenged in some way. I’ve done Crossfit since 2011 and in 10+ years never thought “I’m bored.” That’s been helpful. And it was helpful to move away from Crossfit is life (in my best Danny Rojas) to Crossfit is a part of life. That’s enabled me to view it as a gift to enjoy but because it makes me better but doesn’t run my life, at least on the good days.

Q: What is your party trick?

A: I can quote a lot of movies.


Q: Are you a music of podcast kinda guy?

A: Podcast. I do enjoy music but most often I’m listening to Tim Keller – a retired minister from Manhattan. 


Q: What are you most looking forward to as we finish out 2022?

A: Leaving behind 100 degree days. Taking each day as the extraordinary gift it is. As Dumbledore said “historic days are so ordinary living them.” I just want to wake up and live each day with the hope and anticipation it is historic in some grand and cosmic way.


See?? Robby’s the best. Also, let’s put him and Becky in a room for a movie quote-off. First to quote all of Mean Girls gets the gold. 

We love you, Robby! We’re so glad you’re here (again).


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