Member Spotlight: Shannon Frawley

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Member Spotlight: Shannon Frawley

Current gym owners aside, you’ll be hard pressed to find another member as tenured (and devoted!) as Shannon Frawley. One of the OGs in every way, Shannon (otherwise referred to as Shan, Shanny, Frawls, Frawley, or Shanny Frawls in formal settings) is out here every day embodying our values and… loving burpees??? 
Q: Where are you from? If not here, when did you move here?
A: I was a military brat (both my parents served in the Air Force and that’s where they met!)  before my family settled in suburban Houston. I came to Austin to attend UT many moons ago and never left. I consider Austin my hometown because it’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere!

Q: What brought you to Renew?

A: I was both a cardio bunny and gym rat (think spin and body pump classes) after college, but I kept getting injured training for races and had no muscle mass to speak of. When I heard some friends were starting a CrossFit gym, I was very intrigued at the prospect of only working out for an hour and getting stronger, so I decided to give it a try. After a few months, I was all in. While I’m definitely stronger, faster, and fitter — it’s the community that has kept me coming back all these years!

Q: How long have you been a member at Renew?

A: *adjusts bifocals*

Gather ’round, youngins, and let me tell you the origin story of Crossfit Renew… but really, I joined the gym within the first few months of its existence when we did workouts in a parking lot. Karen in the summer heat was one of my first workouts, and I hate it to this day (there was a 20 minute time cap and I did not finish). That was 10+ years ago. I moved away from Austin for a year in there somewhere, but other than that, you’ve probably seen me around.

Q: What’s your favorite movement? 
A: Burpeeeeeeees, and Annie is my favorite benchmark workout.
Q: What’s your favorite memory at Renew?
 A: It’s so hard to choose! Most recently, the Monster Mash final was pretty epic. I also worked really hard to get my first kipping pull-up. It took 3ish years, and when I finally did one, it was just me and Coach Brett at open gym, and he didn’t even see it. But I was stoked!

Q: What’s something Renew has taught you about your fitness?
A: It’s possible to get fitter as you get older. I’m fitter than I was 10 years ago, five years ago, and even one year ago. That’s really cool. Recently, I’m also learning that nutrition really is the foundation for good performance in the gym (among so many other things).

Q: Fleetwood Mac or Joseph, and why?
A: This is a very niche and difficult question Sadie crafted just for me to make me choose between two of my favorite bands because she’s rude. My initial response was “how dare you!”.  If you’ve never heard of Joseph, they are an amazing sister trio from Portland that I’ve seen in concert roughly 10 times. If you’ve never heard of Fleetwood Mac, well there’s nothing more I can do for you. Now to answer the question, if it comes down to the best album, you simply cannot beat Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. In terms of live shows and new music, definitely Joseph. So I choose both, and Sadie can’t stop me!

Q: What’s your favorite eatery in Austin?
A: Salty Sow has been my #1 for almost a decade. Honorable mention to Pinthouse.

Q: What’s your party trick?
A: An Irish goodbye that would make my ancestors proud

Q: Tell us something we don’t know about you.
A: Besides the US, I’ve lived in 3 different countries – Portugal, South Africa, and Jordan – and traveled to about 16 more. I’m also a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, women’s soccer, and general sports fan. I love having a game on as background noise in my house. Go sports!

No, we definitely know you’re a Cubbies fan, Shan. So that answer has been scrapped from the record. 

But SHANNON! To have been around as long as you have, as immersed as you have, and as supportive as you have, we’re sorry it took 10ish years to feature you as a favored member. But now your legacy will live on in digital infamy for (at least) the next 10 years. We love you very much, Shan. Glad you’re (still) here.

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