Member Spotlight: Sean Carroll

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Member Spotlight: Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll is a rare breed. Not only is he a tall person who does CrossFit, but he’s an original Austinite with a sock game that is unmatched. Read more about our favorite gentle giant:


Q: Where are you from and how hard do you judge people who say they’re from Austin but didn’t grow up here? 

A: Haha yes, I’m a born and raised Austinite. I grew up in Northwest Hills and attended Anderson High School. I try not to judge but can’t help a side eye whenever someone tries to tell me how much Austin has changed since they moved here in 2007.


Q: What brought you to Renew? 

A: I grew up a swimmer and prior to becoming a member. I had always used swimming at some sort of capacity as my one and only way of staying in shape. I had a group of friends who I would train open water races with, but they all moved out of town, and I began to feel like I was stuck in a fitness rut that became very lonely. I started branching out to different gyms but found that equally as lonely. I finally decided to give Crossfit a try and haven’t looked back since. Even when a workout is incredibly difficult, the group classes make it easier to push through. The fitness culture is top notch at Renew, and I’m thankful for all the connections I’ve made.


Q: How long have you been a member at Renew?

A: I joined in January of 2020, which was a weird time to start anything. Right when I started getting used to the movements the pandemic hit, however I stuck with the online programming and before I knew it was back in the gym doing barbell stuff or whatever.


Q: What is something fitness-related you’re most proud of? 

A: As I mentioned, I used to compete in open water races. One of the most memorable races I competed in was the Alcatraz race, which is exactly what it sounds like, a swim from the island of Alcatraz to the SF bay shoreline. It’s hardly the longest race I’ve ever done (approximately 1.5 miles), but it was so mentally challenging due to the currents, chop, and water temp (mid-50’s). I remember being incredibly joyous after completing the race and got to celebrate with family and friends with brunch and beers.    


Q: What’s your favorite CrossFit movement?

A:  Assault bike, hands down.


Q: What do you do outside of the gym? Both for work and play? 

A: My background is in accounting/finance, and I currently help manage the tax analytics team at Whole Foods Market. I enjoy getting outside as much as possible. One of my favorite outdoor activities is canoeing in the Texas hill country. Other than that, I enjoy travel, music, cinema, sports, and a good dive bar.   


Q: What’s your favorite OG Austin establishment that’s no longer open? 

A: Oh man there are so many, but I think the one that hurts the most is Dart Bowl. I used to have my birthday parties there as a kid, and it was where my family would celebrate different achievements as we got older. I really miss their signature enchiladas and all the fond memories. I went the last day they were opened and bought a bowling pin, which now sits on display on a living room shelf (much to my wife’s disapproval).


Q: Tell us something we don’t know about you. 

A: Well, my wife and I welcomed our first daughter (and kid for that matter) in February of this year, but I think most people probably already know that. I guess one thing I’m certain no one knows about me is that I’m a fan of Broadway musicals. I have been to a handful of Broadway shows and am always amazed by the show production and talent of the cast members.  


Sean, without a doubt, you’re by far our favorite big, bike-loving, bowling, backstroking, broadway-going human being.  Thanks for being such an integral part of the Renew Crew! 

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