Lex Gray: A Coach of Many Hats

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Lex Gray: A Coach of Many Hats

When I started personal training three years ago, I assumed my job was to “get people in shape.” I assumed everyone would have the same or similar goals and it would be mostly related to weight loss or building muscle. 


That could not be further from reality. 


Once I built stronger relationships with my clients and got to dig deeper, most of them were seeking my help for reasons beyond the surface level. They wanted to be more active for their kids, wanted more energy to get through the work day, or wanted to move pain free. Most were overwhelmed by the amount of information on the internet or felt like they needed to do everything or nothing at all. I noticed most people needed a more holistic approach to fitness to get the type of support they needed to achieve their goals. 


Unfortunately at this time, they needed more than I could provide for them. During our hour training sessions, all we had time to do was just that, train. There were so many ways I wanted to support my clients but at the time I only really wore one hat, “personal trainer.” But I wanted to give so much more to my clients than just a killer workout – I wanted to offer 360 support on their health journey. And so, I found an opportunity to wear more than just one hat. 


At CrossFit Renew, we take a holistic habit-based approach when it comes to your nutrition. We don’t only examine what you’re eating, we take a look at your sleep, stress, exercise, support system, and lifestyle because these are ALL factors that can affect one another and impact our health in both positive and negative ways. 


I am so excited to be joining the nutrition coaching team so I can truly serve our community in a well-rounded way. One of our values is care for the WHOLE person and being a nutrition coach at CrossFit Renew means I get to do just that! 


Whether you’re just kicking off your nutrition journey, or you feel stuck in the middle – I would love to help! Book a free consultation with me and let’s get you from where you are, to where you wanna be.


Who wrote this post...

Lex Gray

Lex Gray

Lex has been working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and coach since 2020. She joined Renew as an athlete and Crossfit Coach in February of 2023. Outside of the gym, you can find her swimming, paddleboarding or relaxing at Zilker Park. Lex also spends her time volunteering with Austin Stone’s Kids and Student ministries and absolutely loves ministering to kids in this way! Lex loves the wide world of bodybuilding and powerlifting, so naturally her favorite benchmark is the CrossFit Total.

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