5 CrossFit Moves Kids Can Do at Home

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5 CrossFit Moves Kids Can Do at Home

Hey there, parents and young athletes! Are you looking for some exciting and effective CrossFit moves your kids can do at home over summer break? Look no further!

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to five fantastic CrossFit exercises that will keep your kids active, healthy, and entertained. Click on the name of the movement if you need a refresher on how to do it. Now let’s dive right in!


1. Jumping Jacks

Let’s start with a classic move that kids love: jumping jacks! This exercise is perfect for warming up the entire body and getting the heart pumping. 

Benefits: Jumping jacks improve cardiovascular endurance, coordination, and promote overall body strength. To make it more fun, you can turn it into a game by challenging your kids to do as many Jumping Jacks as possible in a minute.


2. Bear Crawls

Now, let’s get on all fours and unleash our inner animals with Bear Crawls! This exercise engages the core, shoulders, and upper body muscles while also enhancing mobility.

Benefits: Bear Crawls improve overall strength, endurance, and stability. To make it more enjoyable, set up an obstacle course using pillows or cushions and challenge your kids to complete it as quickly as possible!


3. Squats

Time to work those lower body muscles with a fundamental exercise: Squats! These movements are fantastic for developing leg strength and improving posture. 

Benefits: Squats enhance lower body strength, improve flexibility, and engage the core muscles. Make it more fun by turning it into a “Squat Challenge” where you compete against your kids to see who can do the most squats in a set time.


4. Plank Hold

Get ready for an exercise that strengthens the core, shoulders, and arms: the Plank Hold! This static movement may look simple, but it’s a killer workout.

Benefits: The Plank Hold improves core stability, posture, and overall body strength. To make it more enjoyable, challenge your kids to see who can hold the plank the longest and offer rewards for achieving new personal records.


5. Burpees

Let’s finish off our list with a high-energy exercise: Burpees! This total body movement targets multiple muscle groups and boosts cardiovascular endurance.

Benefits: Burpees are excellent for building strength, endurance, and explosive power. Turn it into a game by timing your kids and challenging them to beat their previous best or try different variations like “Jumping Burpees” or “Burpee Race.”


There you have it, five CrossFit moves that your kids can do at home to stay active, healthy, and have loads of fun!

Incorporate these exercises into your family routine, and watch your little ones thrive both physically and mentally. Remember, safety and proper form are essential, so always supervise and encourage good technique. Get ready to break a sweat together and make fitness an enjoyable part of your kiddo’s summer break!

Who wrote this post...

Tiffini Steding

Tiffini Steding

Tiffini joined CrossFit Renew as a never-before CrossFitter in 2021. She started with the intention of improving her fitness after her second son was born, and burpee box jumped her way into wanting to be a part of the CrossFit way of life in a more significant way. In the fall of 2022, she earned her status as a Level 1 CrossFit coach and went on to pursue the CrossFit Kids certification so she could coach her 7-year old son and his friends. Outside of the gym, Tiffini likes to go down rabbit holes reading about anything from turtles (thanks to her son) to historical events to the emerging world of Artificial Intelligence. If she had to choose a favorite benchmark workout, it’d have to be Annie.

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