Member Spotlight: Jess & Patrick Guevara

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Member Spotlight: Jess & Patrick Guevara

He’s a quick-witted wannabe chef and she’s a sucker for a spot of tea and a titillating docu-series. It’s a match made in heaven. Y’all get to know a couple of our tenured members, Jess and Pat, a little more with their member spotlight:


What brought you to Renew and how long have you been a member?

Patrick: I’m pretty sure it was Jess who was very interested in CrossFit and I went along because I needed some kind of workout routine. We had friends who were going to Renew so it made sense to start going and I’m really glad we did. We joined in May 2017 (I think) so we’ve gotten to see some really great changes at the gym over the years.

Jess: We were friends with Becky Miller, and she invited our group to a free workout during BAF week. I went alone, hoping to stick close to Becky, only to find out that our friend Jon Wickes was also trying it out for the first time, so her attention was a little occupied. 😏


One year from now, what do you hope to have mastered? What skill or lift do you hope to add to your wheelhouse?

Patrick: Double unders always elude me until I hit that just-right-rhythm so that’s something I like working on. Also, a muscle-up would be fun to get but I think I’m more interested in mobility and conditioning right now. Boring, I know.

Jess: More than two pull-ups strung together! I also really need to work on squat strength…


What’s your favorite movement?

Patrick: I like deadlifts and cleans. Snatches are fun because it takes more balance and thought than just cleaning up heavy weight.

Jess: Power cleans all DAY. Also, aspirationally, handstand walks.


What do you do outside of the gym? Both for work and play?

Patrick: Well we’ve got two boys, a 3-almost-4 year old and a one-year-old so lots of our time is spent wrangling & playing with them. Other than that, I really enjoy reading (my current obsession is the Red Rising series and almost anything by Brandon Sanderson) and keeping up with all the great TV shows.

Jess: I’m a NICU nurse part-time when I’m not at home with our two kids. For fun– just any excuse to eat and drink with friends, at home or on a patio somewhere. Also podcasts, reading, floating on a body of water, hiking if it isn’t apocalyptically hot.


What’s your favorite eatery in Austin?

Patrick: I love Clark’s to load up on oysters and martinis for happy hour but you’ll also find me grabbing P. Terry’s and Paco’s Tacos for those quick hits.

Jess: Este right now!


This or that…Torchy’s chips and queso or Contigo’s green bean fries?

Patrick: This feels sacrilege because Contigo was a very special spot for us for like 10 years (we got married there in 2015 and served those crispy green beans). However, Torchy’s queso is second-to-none (even if I love Paco’s red salsa the most).

Jess: Contigo’s green beans. I’m hoping my undying loyalty will inspire them to return to their Anchor Lane location.


Tell us something about the other person we don’t know.

Patrick: If you can get her to fall in love with something through a documentary, you’ve earned a fan for life. See: CrossFit games athletes, Women’s World Cup teams, F1 racers & teams, the Barkley Marathon, etc.

Jess: Thanks to The Bear, TikTok, and his love for anything that involves specialized gear, if he could quit his job and start over as a chef I think he would do it yesterday.


You can thank Sadie for that sacreligious this or that…Gueveras, we love you! Thanks for hanging and growing with us all these years. Your friendship is tops.


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