Refuel Recipe: Limitless Frittata Loaves

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Limitless Frittata Loaves

Mini loaf pans: the kitchen hack you didn’t know you needed. More bang for your bite, these little loaves hold the load of two muffin tins — making your meal prep way more efficient. ⁣

Nutrition facts per serving (makes 12 servings):

Calories — 277⁣

Protein — 16g⁣

Fat — 14g⁣

Carbs — 14g⁣



Here’s what you need:

12 large eggs⁣
24 large egg whites, or 1/4 cup of liquid egg whites per section⁣
12 Strong Roots cauliflower hash brown pucks⁣
1 8oz package uncured bacon, cooked and roughly chopped⁣
2.5oz baby kale, chopped⁣
6-8 baby bell peppers, chopped⁣
1-2 tbsp @tillamook farm style shredded cheddar, per section⁣
Everything bagel seasoning, to taste⁣

To prepare:

— Cook the cauliflower hashies according to their package and set aside.⁣
— Cook the bacon to your preferred level of crispiness and set aside to let cool.⁣
— Preheat your oven to 375 degrees, and while your oven is preheating, chop your kale and peppers.⁣
— Heavily grease a mini loaf pan and, when ready, evenly distribute 1 hash brown, bacon, kale, peppers, and cheese into each section. Crack 1 egg, and pour 1/4c egg whites into each section so that all ingredients are dredged. ⁣
— Bake for 20 minutes, or until the eggs are set and the edges of the loaves are browned.⁣

— We call these “limitless” because you could literally dump whatever egg enhancers you wanted in each loaf so long as your egg base remains the same. Want a mediterranean vibe? Add spinach, tomato, onion, and some feta. Want pizza in the morning? Add tomato, basil, a dollop of spicy marinara and chopped up pepperonis. See? Limitless.

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