The Evolution of Kids’ Fitness: Embracing New Beliefs

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The Evolution of Kids' Fitness: Embracing New Beliefs

In recent years, the approach to kids’ fitness has undergone a significant transformation. We have moved away from outdated methods and embraced new philosophies that prioritize holistic well-being, physical development, and lifelong habits. This shift has led to the emergence of modern approaches that cater to the specific needs of children (aka they are fun). Let’s explore how kids’ fitness has evolved over the years, highlighting the major benefits of today’s beliefs and the positive impact of these modern approaches.


Shifting Perspectives and Benefits of Modern Kids’ Fitness

In the past, kids’ fitness was often overlooked or deemed less important than academics. It was also used as a tool for discipline (100 push ups everyone!) instead of a source of fun. Did you know the first P.E. class was introduced into schools after the civil war to prepare students to be future soldiers? Yikes.

However, today’s understanding recognizes that physical activity plays a vital role in a child’s overall development and happiness. Regular exercise offers numerous benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, enhanced motor skills, increased self-esteem, and reduced risk of obesity and related health issues. By prioritizing fitness, we encourage children to lead active lifestyles, setting them up for a healthier future.


Breaking Free from Outdated Beliefs

Outdated beliefs surrounding kids’ fitness often revolved around the notion that children should avoid weightlifting or intense workouts. However, research has shown that age-appropriate resistance training, when performed under proper supervision, can be safe and beneficial. We now understand that physical activities like Kids CrossFit, which incorporate functional movements and scaled intensity, can help children develop strength, flexibility, and coordination without causing harm. By challenging themselves in a supportive environment, kids build resilience and learn the value of hard work and discipline.


Nurturing Well-rounded Development and Having Fun!

Today’s approach to kids’ fitness recognizes that it is not just about physical strength but also about nurturing well-rounded development and a LOVE for fitness. Incorporating activities like yoga, mindfulness, and functional movement patterns help children improve their focus, concentration, and body awareness. During these traditionally adult modalities its good to sprinkle in fun games to keep the vibe going that showing up for yourself physically is fun.


As we reflect on the changing landscape of kids’ fitness, it is evident that we have come a long way from outdated (scary) beliefs. Today, we prioritize children’s overall well-being, encouraging them to engage in physical activities that promote lifelong health and resilience. Kids CrossFit has emerged as a positive force in this evolution, providing a structured, fun, and supportive environment for children to develop physical fitness, self-confidence, and important life skills. By embracing these new beliefs, we empower our children to lead healthier, happier lives.

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Tiffini Steding

Tiffini Steding

Tiffini joined CrossFit Renew as a never-before CrossFitter in 2021. She started with the intention of improving her fitness after her second son was born, and burpee box jumped her way into wanting to be a part of the CrossFit way of life in a more significant way. In the fall of 2022, she earned her status as a Level 1 CrossFit coach and went on to pursue the CrossFit Kids certification so she could coach her 7-year old son and his friends. Outside of the gym, Tiffini likes to go down rabbit holes reading about anything from turtles (thanks to her son) to historical events to the emerging world of Artificial Intelligence. If she had to choose a favorite benchmark workout, it’d have to be Annie.

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