Member Spotlight: Jen Chamness

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Member Spotlight: Jen Chamness

You can run from the CrossFit Kool-aid, Jen Chamness, but you can’t hide. So have another sip.


Q: What brought you to Renew and how long have you been a member?

A: Over the last 10 years, one by one, my friends started joining Renew. For one reason or another I resisted the call of the gym. Finally, after I had my daughter in 2021 things changed. I was dealing with a lot of pain, deconditioning and fatigue. After struggling for 2 years, I finally sucked it up and called Sadie. I knew that she would be able to get my strength and mobility back – and I was so right!


Q: Where are you from? If not here, when did you move here?

A: I am what my husband calls a unicorn – an Austin native. Well, almost. I moved here in 1994 – just in time to be in Kelsi Dawe’s 5th grade class!


Q: One year from now, what do you hope to have mastered? What skill or lift do you hope to add to your wheelhouse?

A: I want to get my push-ups on the ground. And hit a full range of motion squat and lunge!


Q: What would you say to a person who is apprehensive to join a CrossFit gym?

A:I was always nervous to join CrossFit because I didn’t think I was “fit” enough. Or that I had to be able to jump on a box to be able to walk in the door. But it turns out that everyone is there to move their bodies – in whatever manner is available to them. So even though I was starting from a place of lower mobility or lower strength I was welcomed, encouraged and cheered for.


Q: What do you do outside of the gym? Both for work and play?

A:I am the Nurse Coordinator for the Children’s Survivorship Program at Dell Children’s Blood and Cancer Center. That is fancy for – I’m a nurse for kids who have kicked cancer’s A**. I am also a travel agent! I love planning trips for people! Outside of work, I love to hang with my little girl Riley, my husband Rob, and our two dogs – Boomer and Bowser. You can frequently find me playing a board game, visiting a brewery or reading. We also love to travel. Favorites from 2023 were Disney World AND Disneyland, Cancun, and New York City.


Q: What’s your favorite eatery in Austin?

A: My favorite Austin restaurant no longer exists. I was a Contigo die hard from the beginning. In the absence of that greatness, you can find me settling for The Salty Sow, Torchy’s or Chuys.


Q: What’s your party trick?

A: I do a really killer impression of my 2006 Weight Watchers leader Pam. IYKYK.


Q: Tell us something we don’t know about you.

A: I am terrified of ET. I’ve been to 27 countries. And I can basically quote the entirety of “You’ve Got Mail” from memory.


And though it took you 10 whole years to join us, we are so very glad you did. Onward to push-ups from the floor, and full range of motion in those knees! Keep up the fantastic work, dude.


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