Member Spotlight: Haley Hall

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Member Spotlight: Haley Hall

You’ve never met a Haley Hall before — we guarantee it. Read more about one of our favorite boomerang members (and then call her to grab a beer).


Q: What brought you to Renew and how long have you been a member?

A: I started working out at Renew in 2013. I had a few friends (like Becky and Shannon) who were members and I needed a little more overlap in my life so I decided to work out where my friends worked out. I’m glad I did!


Q: Where are you from? If not here, when did you move here?

A: I’m from DFW. Richardson, specifically. I first moved to Austin in 2004 to go to school at UT. I’ve labeled it home since then, but I also lived in the Middle East for about 6 years and just moved back this past summer.


Q: One year from now, what do you hope to have mastered? What skill or lift do you hope to add to your wheelhouse?

A: I’d love to be stronger and more proficient upside down. Specifically, I want to be able to do a strict handstand push up and handstand walks. I wouldn’t hate to have consistent muscle ups too. Guess I should actually work on those things…


Q: What’s your favorite memory at Renew?

A: Post-workout happy hours on Friday nights back in the day. We had a pretty regular crew that worked out on Friday nights and then hung around for a beer afterward. While not my favorite memory, my most memorable moment was breaking my ankle trying to be gymnastics-y like Jon on one of said Friday nights.

Q: What do you do outside of the gym? Both for work and play?

A: Well, I recently started working with Hroch on his real estate empire. I’m the “Cheif Integrator” which basically means I’m going to attempt to create systems and processes that develop, sustain and grow the business visions he dreams up. Right now I’m focusing on the property management side of the business but I’m also working on getting my real estate license.

Fun for me usually includes some combination of friends/family, food/drinks and being outside. I’m a big fan of hiking and love to travel. This past summer I went to three national parks and I’m hoping to knock off more in the years ahead. I also love to cook and try new restaurants.


Q: If you had to choose between coffee or beer for the rest of your life, which would you pick?
A: No! You can’t make me. Coffee and beer are probably my two favorite beverages. If I had to pick, I guess I’d go with beer. I could probably switch to tea so I could keep my hops.


Q: What’s your favorite eatery in Austin?

A: I’ll give you two: Pinthouse and Salty Sow. Pinthouse because pizza and beer. Also, it is a nostalgic place for me because I used to go weekly with a group of friends. My order: Ohh La La, Pinthouse Salad & either the Electric Jellyfish or one of their experimental/rotating taps. Salty Sow is also at the top of my list. I love that they’ve kept such an amazing happy hour all these years.


Q: What’s your party trick?

A: Well, I guess I should start with the one I know the editors want to see me share…I can probably beat all of you at shotgunning a beer. It’s a natural born gift and it only comes out when challenged directly or a friend throws me under the bus while others are doing it. My other, more refined, party trick is speaking Arabic.


What can’t she do? Never change, HH!


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