Member Spotlight: Lauren “Baz” Bazan

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Member Spotlight: Lauren "Baz" Bazan

Though she be small, she be mighty. 

Or something. 

Everyone, please say hello to Lauren Bazan, our newest (but also oldest?) member and coach! 


Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your home life (where’d you come from, when’d you move here, etc.).

A:  My name is Lauren but I go by Baz (pronounced Bawz) which is a shortened version of my last name Bazan. I grew up in San Marcos, which is down the road and moved to Austin around 2009 and was here for 6 years until I moved to the Middle East which I just returned from in January 2024.


Q: How did you get into CrossFit? 

A: The sweetest colleague, on the planet, named Anna Sargeant wore me down by asking me multiple times to come try Renew which had just launched in the back of our church, The Austin Stone, by another colleague some of you may know named Hroch. :laughing: I was very reluctant to join and once I did, the comradery kept me coming back.


Q: What have you learned about yourself personally since starting CrossFit?

A:  I’ve learned that my body is capable of more than I give it credit for and I am stronger than I thought I could be.


Q: Why (and when) did you become a CrossFit coach, and what is your favorite part about coaching? 

A: I had mainly been working as a photographer and with kids in some capacity, for most of my adult life, but finally bit the bullet to get my L1 while I was living in Dubai. I’d seen on CrossFit.com that a gym near me in Abu Dhabi, UAE was hosting the L1 course in person. I had been thinking very seriously around that time for a career change and I knew I was going to have the opportunity to start fresh with a new job/career after moving to Oman that next year — so I made the plunge. I’d wanted to become a coach before moving to the Middle East but I wasn’t confident in my coaching skills or personal fitness, so I waited. My favorite part about coaching has been being able to encourage men and women whose bodies look like mine; normal and not a CrossFit games athlete’s body. Crossfit is for everyone, no matter your age or your size.


Q: What’s your favorite memory from the OG Crossfit Renew days?

A:  Oh gosh, my favorite two memories from “back in the day” was 1, shooting product photos for the first round of Renew merch. I still have the raw photos, so ask me to see Hrochs “smoulder” look. Ha! 2, was one December or January it was FREEZING and so we went into the St.Johns auditorium and the WOD was 100 Burpees for time. We all made a giant circle and started the workout! I was surprised at how well I did and that I could move the next day.


Q: If you had to do one movement in every workout for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A:  I really like sit ups and cleans. I know that’s two, but I like both!


Q: What is one thing outside the gym that you’re excited about doing/seeing/accomplishing in the next year? 

A: Outside the gym, I’m excited to see myself make a successful transition back to living in the States. I’m starting all over so it’s going to be a hard adjustment for me.


Q: If you had to give a TED Talk about one topic, what would it be? 

A: How much safer it is to live in the Middle East versus America. At least in the Arab Gulf…


Q: If you had to pick a “last meal”, what would it be? 

A: For sure a good cheese burger and sweet potatoe fries. Probably a shake with a donut on top too. If I’m going out, I’m going out carbo loaded, baby!


We are BEYOND thrilled to have you back for good (for now), and even moreso that you’re coming back on staff, Baz! One of us! One of us!

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