Member Spotlight: Matt & Piper Shriver

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Member Spotlight: Matt & Piper Shriver

You know when you’re in like a professional group setting and whoever is facilitating says, “let’s go around the room and say our names and a fun fact about ourselves!” as some sort of tortuous ice breaker? Well safe to say the Shrivers ACTUALLY have fun facts to share. Be blessed:


Q: Where are you from? If not here, when did you move here?

A: We’re both born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. While we grew up in different parts of city, we went to Georgia Tech at the same time. We met about halfway through college when we were freshman orientation leaders together. We became friends, kept in touch through an extended friend group from that summer, and about two years later started dating.

Piper started a job in May 2022 here in Austin. She commuted back and forth that summer and got our living situation settled here while I worked on selling our house in Atlanta. We moved here full-time in August 2022.


Q: What brought you to Renew and how long have you been a member?

Matt: With moving, I wanted to shake up some things in my life, and one area was my fitness. I’d never had a dedicated fitness routine. I’d go in and out of phases of running and generally disliked going to the gym. I felt the opposite of that routine was trying CrossFit. So I searched CrossFit on Google Maps, and Renew was the nearest location – that was it – the sole criteria. I set up an intro with Becky, went through Foundations and the 90-Day Journey, and I haven’t looked back since. Truly by the grace of God we blindly moved one mile away from Renew and stumbled into this amazing community. It will have been two years in September!

Piper: I’d been exercising regularly but in a variety of activities from weight lifting to Orangetheory to yoga. When we moved to Austin and Matt decided to jump into CrossFit, he asked if I’d be willing to do it with him. I was reluctant at first but have come to love it!


Q: One year from now, what do you hope to have mastered? What skill or lift do you hope to add to your wheelhouse?

Matt: Bar muscle up! I started being able to do 0 pull-ups and want to continue the progression.

Piper: Double unders!


**SHAMELESS PLUG: Piper is <1 year postpartum at this point and has just gone through Rebuild, our prenatal and postpartum training program. She has put in the WORK to return to impact and intensity in a safe and intentional way, and is already crushing her single-under threshold well into the 100-200 single-session rep count range! She’s well on her way to dubs, and we are very proud.**


Q: What’s your favorite movement?

Matt: Wall balls. One of the few things where long legs and long arms are helpful.

Piper: Hang power cleans or deadlifts.


What do you do outside of the gym? Both for work and play?

Matt: I’ve kept my job from Atlanta and work remotely for Spanx, the women’s apparel company, as a product owner and manage our product data and development softwares. I also coach Renew’s Tuesday and Friday evening classes now! Outside of that, I love to play golf, am an avid cook, and am figuring out fatherhood with our 9 month-old son, Leo!

Piper: I work for a private equity firm and lead the talent agenda across our portfolio companies. When I’m not working, I like to go for walks, read, and hang out with our little buddy, Leo!


What’s your favorite eatery in Austin?

Matt: Breakfast tacos from Pueblo Viejo and a cold brew from Barrett’s. But my favorite restaurant and experience is the chef’s counter at Barley Swine. We’ve been each year for our anniversary, and it does not disappoint.

Piper: Veracruz or La Holly are the two that immediately come to mind. I love Veracruz tacos and the quesadillas and margs at La Holly are unbeatable.


Tell us something about the other person we don’t know.

Matt: Piper is a 4-time national champion at clogging and twice a contestant on America’s Got Talent!

Piper: Matt is a TV and film enthusiast and a nerd culture aficionado – Star Wars, Thrones, Lord of the Rings, etc.


Okay well it’s official… the Shrivers are the coolest members we have. So glad you moved where you did, and found us when you did. We love you!


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