My Steps To Sobriety, by Coach Tim

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My Steps to Sobriety, by Coach Tim

Head to happy hour these days and you’ll notice there’s a new menu mainstay at your favorite bars and restaurants: zero proof drinks.


The non-alcoholic movement has gained a lot of traction over the last few years, but the trend doesn’t seem like it’ll stay a trend at all. As more and more people grapple with addiction, and more studies come out to reveal exactly what the over consumption of alcohol can do to our bodies, it’s no wonder NA drinks are becoming the preferred choice. 


But for a lot of people, stepping into the path toward sobriety – or even just cutting back on their consumption – can come with a lot of baggage, fear, and general discomfort. After all, drinking culture is loud no matter where you go. 


As a gym, we obviously care very deeply about the overall fitness and wellness of our members. Our jobs are to help you achieve your fitness goals, and to support you in your pursuit of a life that’s full of health and happiness. And one way we’re seeing a lot of members want to do both, is by cutting back on their alcohol consumption.


I’ve been enjoying a life of sobriety for a couple of years now, and I get a lot of questions about how that came to be. I’ll never get tired of talking about this aspect of my life, so I’d like to share those questions and answers with you! 


What was the catalyst for you deciding to try sobriety? 

For me, it was pretty simple: I didn’t want to be the catalyst for my wife to continue drinking or my son to begin drinking. I want to be the best husband and dad I can be and I thought removing alcohol would help me grow as a person mentally, physically and emotionally. 

What steps did you take to start abstaining? 

I started consuming content about alcohol free lifestyles, learning the language around it and researching alcohol alternative options. Figuring out what aspects of my palate I was chasing while drinking proceeded to a lot of experimentation with taste testing non alcoholic beverages and an identity shift. During this time I shifted my language from tracking days and nights of “not drinking” to simply being “alcoholic free.”

What was your mindset going into your sobriety journey?

I followed my curiosity as to what life would look  like without alcohol and I approached it like an experiment that didn’t have an end date. There were certain milestones that were hit after a month, six months and a year where I thought the experiment would end but the curiosity to keep going and see what life looks like continues to be the main driver as new chapters of life begin and end and begin again.

What is your mindset like now? 

I have a growth mindset that the more time I spend away from drinking the more opportunity I create to find the best version of myself. Dreams are bigger, emotions are stronger and brain power has been freed up since removing a habit that I was either managing or mismanaging over the last 20 years. I’m confident that energy is being redirected towards things more meaningful in my life! 

What are some words of wisdom toward the stigma of sobriety?

Be brave. There is a certain level of uncertainty that comes with how you view yourself and how others will view you without alcohol, but trust the process and keep questioning and evaluating whether a relationship with alcohol is worth hanging onto. And if your relationships bend or break because you are choosing a life of sobriety, well, you’ll find good company at Renew.

If I wanted to try getting sober, or even just abstaining from alcohol for a while, what are a few simple and practical things I can do to start seeing success and gaining momentum? 

There are a lot of ways to skin this cat. Of course, objectively, you can start managing your consumption by tracking your daily or weekly drinking habits. Eventually, you’ll begin to notice trends. But what you do with that information is when the journey really begins. My most productive advice to anyone wanting to walk this path is to not do it alone. There’s power in community, and even more power in coaching. 


If you’re interested in talking more about this, I would be more than happy to help. Just shoot me an email ([email protected]) – I’m here for you.  


Who wrote this post...

Tim Dancy

Tim Dancy

Tim has worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and CrossFit coach since 2014. Though he’d dropped in a number of times at Renew over the years, in May of 2022, Tim formally joined Renew as both an athlete and a coach! When he’s not helping people hit their fitness goals, Tim enjoys going on adventures with his family and riding around Austin on his e-Bike. Though there are many barbell benchmarks to choose from, his favorite is Isabel.

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