Bring a Friend Week

Bring a Friend Week is back!

Are you a friend? A friend of a friend? Join us January 4-8, 2021 for a week of classes -- totally free, totally fun. This year, we're tossing in a fun perk: when you sign up for Bring A Friend Week, we'll automatically enroll you in our January Nutrition Talk (also free)(also fun).

What's the

What is it?

A free week of workouts -- no experience necessary, no membership required.

When is it?

January 4-8, 2021 during all of our regularly scheduled group classes!

Who can come?

Anyone and everyone! Whether you know someone at the gym or not, if you're new around here and you're reading this -- we want to have you!


Here's everything (hopefully) you need to know about BAF Week.

We work hard to keep our members safe. Our mission is to fight sickness with fitness, and our hope is to continue doing that as long as we possibly can. In order to do so, we’ve implemented a number of policies to keep our facility (and you) squeaky clean. Here is a detailed guide of how you can do your part!

You (in warm workout clothes), your mask, a reusable water bottle, and a winning attitude. We’ll take care of everything else! 

The limit does not exist. But you will need to register for every class you want to attend! More on that below.

Yes! Because we are limiting the number of people we host per class, it’s important that you sign up for every class you want to attend. The first time you sign up you’ll have to do the waiver dance, but after that it’s a breeze. Register at the top of the screen!

Yep. 100%. Free as can be. We’ll probably email you a few times after the fact to see if you still want to be friends, though.  

On the second Sunday of every month our awesome nutrition coach hosts a virtual (for now) nutrition talk that touches on all sorts of relevant and timely topics. In these talks, you’ll get practical tips and tricks related to your health and nutrition so you can be the best version of yourself from the inside out! As a Friend, you’ll get enrolled in this talk  free of charge. 

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