Tissue Issues

Tissue Issues   I had made it almost 25 years of playing organized soccer with nary a knee injury. Then, at 28 years old, during an adult beginner’s league indoor soccer game, I heard every soccer player’s worst nightmare:

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A reflection of my time with Mayhem Missions, by Coach Dylan Marsh

A reflection of my time with Mayhem Missions, by Coach Dylan Marsh Back in March of this year, I had the opportunity to join Mayhem Mission who partnered with Longarm Malawi, on a Mission trip to Malawi, Africa.  Longarm

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Member Spotlight: Khadijah Sawyer

Member Spotlight: Khadijah Sawyer   Khadijah Sawyer is an instant good time. She works hard, invests her time/talent/treasures in things that matter, and absolutely brings the energy to every session, class, and competition! Evidenced by every passionate response in

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How to “get motivated”

How to “get motivated” One of my favorite quotes that is true for life, but especially in the wellness industry is:    “Success breeds motivation; motivation does not breed success.”    Something has to trigger the feeling of success,

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To Go Forward, We Must First Flow

To Go Forward, We Must First Flow If you want to workout well into your golden years, get unconventional.   To know Coach Tim Dancy is to know two key things: Early 2000s rap and hip hop bangers. If it’s

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Fiesta Bowls

Fiesta Bowls Turn your meal prep into a party with these super simple fiesta bowls Nutrition facts per serving (makes 3 servings): Calories — 420⁣Protein — 32g⁣Fat — 16g⁣Carbs — 38g⁣   ⁣Ingredients & Instructions Here’s what you’ll need:

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Member Spotlight: Emma Martino

Member Spotlight: Emma Martino   If you’ve been around the gym in the last month, you may have noticed our newest staff member: Elsa Emma.    (She absolutely loves that joke and is not tired of it)   We

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3-ish Ingredient Mediterranean Chicken Bites

3-ish Ingredient Mediterranean Chicken Bites Crispy, juicy, lemony little morsels that go with just about anything you wanna meal prep. ⁣ Nutrition facts per 4 oz. serving of meat (makes 8 servings): Calories — 202⁣Protein — 24g⁣Fat — 9g⁣Carbs

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Introducing Coach Tim Dancy, CrossFit Renew’s Newest Nutrition and Mentorship Coach

Why I became a Nutrition Coach, by Tim Dancy I’ve been in the fitness game a long time. For the last 12 years, whether as a client or a coach, I’ve gotten to experience firsthand the importance of nutrition

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Programming 101: The Formula for a Great Workout

Programming 101: The Formula for a Great Workout Originally published in Austin Fit Magazine   If the last year has taught us anything, it’s how important fitness is to our overall health and wellness. For more reasons than just

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Member Spotlight: Lauren “Baz” Bazan

Member Spotlight: Lauren “Baz” Bazan Though she be small, she be mighty.  Or something.  Everyone, please say hello to Lauren Bazan, our newest (but also oldest?) member and coach!    Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your

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Q&A with a Physical Therapist: The Top 5 Ailments of Aging

Stay Fit Anywhere: 8 CrossFit Bodyweight Workouts for Travelers Originally published in Austin Fit Magazine   Gone are the days of skating by on youthfulness alone, nourishing our bodies with caffeine and Crunchwrap Supremes, considering four hours to be

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