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Are you looking for a way to increase your strength and hone your skills? Enter Class Pass -- specialty courses designed to help grow your fitness! With the Class Pass, instead of choosing only one specialty course, you get access to every course we offer in one package. Check out the courses we are offering below!

Summer 2019 Class Options

Let's get to Work!

Flowga by MobileAthlete

In a perfect world, CrossFitters would take their mobility training as seriously as they take their strength training. We know CrossFit in and of itself is not dangerous, but an imbalance in your body can be. Flowga is a 4 week course, that focuses on movement therapy, mobility drills, and recovery flows to optimize your performance and help you crush those asana-kicking WODs.


  • Dates: June 2nd-23rd
  • Time: Sundays | 5:30 PM


You get it? Like Robo Cop, but instead Aerobo-Cap for Aerobic Capacity! That's right the lung burning, mind melting thing that we all suck at, but is absolutely necessary if we want to improve our overall fitness.

Join us as we work to increase the ability of your heart and lungs to get oxygen to your muscles. It's the dirty work that no one wants to do, but the secret sauce to preform better in workouts.


  • Dates: June 2nd-28th
  • Time: Mondays | 4:30 PM & Wednesdays | 7:30 PM


This class will focus on all things CrossFit gymnastics. when we move our body through a specific range of motion without an external load. In simple terms, it's gonna be gymnasty!

We need to learn how to move our own body weight in the most efficient way possible to be the best athletes we can be. This class will be comprised of strength and skill work, so athletes grow in both knowledge and strength to better perform gymnastics movements such as pull-ups, ring dips, toes-to-bar, muscle-ups, pistols and more!


  • Dates: June 2nd-28th
  • Time: Saturdays | 10:00 AM

1 X Week

$59 per month
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  • Specialty Courses

2 X Week

$115 per month
  • Access to all
  • Specialty Courses

3 X Week

$169 per month
  • Access to all
  • Specialty Courses

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