Nutrition: Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Be the leader in your industry by offering a comprehensive nutrition program to empower your employees to take control of their health and fitness. 

Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Decreased Absenteeism

Active lifestyles lead to healthier employees which means less sick leave and absenteeism

Money Saved

Decrease the use of health care benefits and worker’s compensation

Increased Productivity

Its proven that working out and eating right decreases stress and raises individuals productivity levels

Feel Better

Improved health and body composition leads to more confidence and an optimistic attitude

Competitive Edge

Take the competitive edge by offering benefits to your employees that other companies are not


Empower your employees to make a change in their lifestyle

How Renew’s Corporate Wellness Program Help Your Business?

Dietitian Approved

Our programs are written and backed by a Registered Dietitian

Custom Plan

We customize a nutrition and fitness program that works for your business and employees

Support & Accountability

Our staff provides the ongoing support and accountability to ensure the program is a success

Proven Results

Our program is test and true with over 15,000 clients with results


Over 80% of the people will regain the weight they worked so hard to lose. 

Something as fundamental as nutrition & fitness shouldn’t be overwhelming! It doesn’t have to be that way and we can help!

Steps to Getting Started

Let us help you get results!

1. Book A Free Call

Set up a free call to talk to the team at CrossFit Renew. We want to learn more about your company and how we can help make nutrition and employee health a priority.

2. Pick a Date

All you need to do is pick a date for a challenge kickoff or to host a seminar and the nutrition experts at Renew will take it from there!

3. Empower a Healthy Workplace

A healthy lifestyle and optimal nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. Renew focuses on healthy habits through simple and sustainable plans to see optimal results.

What we offer

All of our programs are customized to meet the individual needs of each business




  • Onsite nutrition “Power Hour”
  • This 60-minute seminar will teach your staff what really works for weight loss, strength training, beating fatigue, and help create a healthier and happy staff!
  • On-going nutrition coaching available




  • Initial Healthy Eating workshop kickoff
  • System for tracking body measurements
  • Pre/Post InBody body composition testing
  • Private Facebook Page (with healthy tips/recipes)
  • Prizes



1200 MONTH

  • 8 classes each month
  • Weekly private classes at your business or CrossFit Renew
  • Nutrition guide
  • Weekly exercise ‘homework’ challenges
  • Regular interaction with our coaching staff


Starting at

$99 /mo

  • Monthly Subscription
  • Basic: $99/mo
  • Advanced: $150/mo

Phase 2

Our Phase 2 program is designed for folks who may already have a good understanding of their nutrition (or just finished Phase 1) and are looking for ongoing coaching support. This program is ideal for those of us who may need extra guidance and help establishing and maintaining healthy and sustainable habits for the long haul.

Phase 2: Basic includes:

  • – Refuel handbook
  • – Monthly biometrics
  • – Monthly follow up and goal review session
  • – Bi-weekly (Every other week) touch-points
  • – Access to newsletter and digital content

Phase 2: Advanced includes everything in the Basic option plus:

  • – Weekly food log reviews
  • – Meal Planning

A Note from Justin Hroch

Owner & Coach of CrossFit Renew

Hey, Y’all! I’m Justin, the owner and a coach at CrossFit Renew. The health and wellness journey, with all its detours and potholes, is something that often is intimidating and scary for a lot of folks. The internet is a bottomless pit of scattered and often contradictory information. 

At CrossFit Renew, we have a simple, guided approach. We teach people to fuel their body with clean food and stay regularly active through exercise. The formula is not hard, but implementing it and staying accountable can be. We want to be a guide to you and your employees. Schedule a free call with us to see how we can help improve your workplace!

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